Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"P" Day

This week at school the kids are learning about the letter "P".  What better way to learn about "P" than by dressing up like princesses and pirates!!!  And the other day they wore pajamas!  These days at school are a nice change to the normal day-to-day stuff they normally and are SO fun!
Addyson got to choose from ALL of her princess dresses and she settled on her Tangled dress and brought her Tangle doll with (Kaitlyn, she is getting a lot of use out of this great gift!!!).  Addyson's dress had both Pink and Purple in it!!!  Even better for "P" day!
She is being a little stinker these days!!!  She is running from/not looking at my camera when I want to take a picture : (  Does this mean I take too many pictures???  Or is she just rotten??? ; )  At the house she was looking super cute so I got my camera out and she started running from me. : (  Poor Mom!  This year, the school is leaving more of the "special days" up to the teacher which means that the whole school is not participating in Princess/Pirate day at the same time.  This means, when Addyson dresses up Owen is upset that he doesn't get to dress up.  I tell him that he can, I'll let him, but no one else in his class will be dressed up.  It also makes it a bit harder for me to remember at times if today is a "special day" and if so, which class.
But, I must say, I've been more on top of it this year than I have other years. Maybe because the teachers are sending out reminders!!! : )  It was cute to see Addyson's class all dressed up.  After I dropped Owen off I went and peaked in on her... I do that often... I love to see how she interacts with her friends!  She is our "Perfect" , Pretty Princess!!!
 Just for fun- Here is Addyson on Princess Day last year!!!

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