Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Razorback Basketball

Monday, my friend Angela called and said she had 2 tickets to the last Razorback basketball game on Tuesday.  I was super excited to be able to take Owen to another game and had even talked with Brad about me being able to take Owen instead of Brad.  As we were talking about it I knew that Addyson was a bit sad that she wasn't going to get to go...again.  I thought I'd put out a request for 2 extra tickets to my MOMS Club and was lucky to get a reply!!!
Thanks to Angela and Valerie, we were able to go to the last home game as a family of 5!!!  Ethan got to go to his first basketball game and he did great!  Since we were taking all three kids, I was thankful that it was a 6pm game and not an 8pm game!!!
We arrived just in time to call the Hogs!!!
Brad went a few rows up, without me asking, to take some pictures.  No matter how many times he called Ethan's name the little boy would not look!!!  He was too busy looking around!  There were SO many sights and sounds to take in!!!
I was glad to have a picture of me with my kids!!!  It seems like most times I'm the person behind the camera and if I happen to be in a shot it is because I self took it or begged Brad too!!  Not tonight! : )  Again, Ethan has found some bright flashing light to look at instead of the camera! ; )
This was Ethan's first basketball game and second Razorback event (he went to a Gymback meet a few weeks ago).  Tonight he did great!  He had a nice nap before we left and then was completely in awe of it all when we got there!  He helped that he had a ticket to chew on and keep him occupied for  while!! : )
 Addyson wasn't a huge fan of the game.  She pretty much asked to go home after we sang the fight song and called the Hogs. : ( I was trying to figure out what I was going to do to get her into the game when she figured it out herself.  She found the perfect seat, right on the edge of the steps and from there she could watch the Pom girls!!! : )  She was in awe!!  She sat there most of the night!!!
Everyone around us was smiling at her and she even caught the eye of the camera guy and made it on the jumbotron!!!!  Owen was impressed and wanted to know why he wasn't up there too! : )  That face is the face of a little girl that is studying the every move the Pom girls make!!!  Wonder if she'll be a Razorback cheerleader one day!
At one point the girls went out and did a dance on the gym floor (it was Senior night so they didn't do a big half time show) so Addyson moved over in front of me so she could get a better look!  Awe, finally she was having fun and into the "game"!  At this point though it was 7:30 (now officially past everyone's bedtime and my bedtime is fast approaching ; )  ), the Razorbacks were ahead, there was a storm coming in, and we had 10 minutes left on the clock.  We decided to leave early to beat the crowd and make it home before meltdowns occurred, we always try to leave right before meltdowns so we leave on a positive note!  We also didn't want to get caught in the rain!
Our plan worked!!!  We all went home happy!  We beat the rain but, it was a bit windy so Owen got to wear daddy's jacket to the car!  He got a kick out of that!  The only downside is that we told Owen the game was almost over and the Razorbacks had won and he later found out they lost by  a basket. : (  Bummer!  It was a great season with our new coach and I look forward to next year!  I know we'll be great!
Our Razorback basketball fun didn't stop there!!!  Today the kids had Razorback day at school!  They are studying the letter "R" so the school brought in 2 basketball players to talk to the kids!!!  Parents were invited to come so I took the opportunity to go have some fun with the big 2 while Ethan stayed home and napped with daddy!!!  That is one of the perks of Brad being home!!  When he works from home I can leave Ethan for an hour or so if he is napping and get in some quality time with the big two!
First, #20 Kikko Haydar who is from Fayetteville, read the kids a story about Big Red!
Then we all stood up and called the Hogs!!  It was so cute to watch all the little ones with their Razorback spirit!!!  I love how our town just breeds that spirit in the little ones... most of them don't have a choice!!!  See the big guy in the gray shirt in the background calling the Hogs?!?!
That is Scotty Thurman!!!  He is currently the director of student-athlete development but, that is not the real reason we love him!  If you are a Razorback fan, you know that Scotty hit the most famous shot in Arkansas basketball history sealing our win at the 1994 Championship game!!!  Our kids have no idea who he was but, they were excited to meet a "real life Razorback basketball star" and I was excited to get a chance to listen to him speak to the kids!
See who they are looking at... in her "cheerleader" and tutu???  That is MY Addyson!  Why are they listening so carefully to her and smiling???  Because her teachers and the director of the school,were SO impressed that she can sing the Fight Song without help (she did this in her class before they came to the auditorium) that they were bragging on her and got her to sign it SOLO for them!!!  That's my girl!
Before the guys left they stayed for pictures with the class!!!  Addyson made her way up to a spot on Kikko's lap!!!
 Addyson's class
Owen's class
We've got a great love for Razorbacks!!!!  Sad that basketball is over but excited that the weather is nice and we are looking forward to taking the kids to other Razorback sporting events before the end of the school year!  Go Hogs!

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