Sunday, February 5, 2012


We Skype a lot these days with my family in Canada.  I usually stand Ethan up on my lap and let him look at the computer.  We can usually get him to smile for Opa and Nina.  When Nina talks in a high pitch voice he'll smile too.  I'm not sure if he sees them or the bright computer screen but whatever it is, he puts on a little show for them.
Lately though, it looks as if Ethan really sees them and tries to interact with them.  He coos for them and smiles big as he looks at the screen.  I just love Skype!  My family has been able to watch Ethan grow up from hundred of miles away!  They even get to see big milestones like him laying on his belly and holding his head high!!!  He is no longer they 3 day old baby they saw in person last time!  He is getting to be a big boy and do big tricks!
Sometimes I wish we used Skype more to talk with other family but it seems so hard to make everyone's schedule work.  Maybe we need to just make regular Skype dates like some of my friends do with their family.  That way everyone knows to be in front of their computer at a certain time.  If I think about what my family is missing out on with my kids, I realize what we are missing out on with our nieces and nephew.  Babies grow so fast and are changing daily.  Thankfully, with the help of Skype, the miles between us don' prevent others from missing out on the growing fun.  Now I wonder if when Opa and Nina come to visit in April if Ethan will recognize them in person!!  We might have to Skype them from our bedroom for Ethan to realize who they are!! : )

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