Saturday, February 11, 2012


After swimming ALL afternoon at the waterpark, we were all starving!!!  On our way into town we passed by a sign for Whippersnappers, a seafood buffet, and that sounded so good!  Before we go into any buffet we've never been to one of us goes in to check it out.  It looked like soup, beans, and a lot of fried seafood... not exactly what we were looking for and it was a bit pricey.
Thankfully I'm a bit of a coupon junky and while Brad was pulling up the van for us to load up in I grabbed a Branson coupon/activity book!!!  When you are in Branson you must find a book or two!!!  In the back we found a coupon for another seafood buffet, Starvin' Marvin.  We went to check it out and were impressed!!!
The atmosphere was brighter, the buffet was cheaper, they didn't charge us for the kids, not everything on there was fried, AND they brought the crab to you table a HUGE bowl at a time so you didn't have to wait up at the buffet line like a shark and go in for the kill once a batch was dropped off!!!  Actually, since they brought the crab to your table we rarely went up to the buffet line... dare I tell you how many bowls full of crab we went through?!?!
I'd like to blame at least a bowl and a half on the two kids!!!  They were crab eating machines!!!!  Addyson did waste time figuring out how to slide her finger down the leg once Brad had cracked it open (that is his official job when we eat crab) and get the crab out.  I didn't know she loved it as much as she did!!!
There were frog legs on the buffet and the kids gave those a try to!!!  I couldn't believe it!!!  Our kids love seafood... really, they pretty much like it all and for that I am thankful.  We travel a lot and I am SO glad we don't have to be careful about picking out where to eat!  No matter where we go... they will eat!!!
Especially if they are starvin'!!! : )
I'm so glad I didn't take a picture of what the floor looked like!!!  We love eating our crab BUT it is NOT a pretty site!!! : )  And in case you are wondering, this feast was over $20 cheaper than the first buffet we looked at thanks to cheaper price, kids ate free, and the $3 off per buffet coupon!!

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