Saturday, February 11, 2012

Too Much

I am thankful that I have 2 older children that can help me with the baby when I need it.... I think that is part of what makes parenting 3 a bit easier than I had expected.  The older 2 play together while I take care of the baby OR if I am trying to do something and the baby is crying one or both of the older two are running to his aide!
I am SO thankful for the help but at times.... it can be a bit too much!
How is it too much?  Imagine this.... screaming baby, toddler yelling singing "Baa Baa Black Sheep" loud enough to be heard over screaming baby, and big brother playing with the sheep trying to make baby laugh at a level loud enough to be heard over screaming baby and singing sister.  And it doesn't stop there... the dog is probably barking due to all of the high pitched noise.... and if Brad is home he is probably asking me a question (trying to help me get ready for the day) at a level that can be heard over the screaming baby, singing toddler, big brother playing, and barking dog and in a way as if he is oblivious to all of the chaos that is currently going on.  AGH!!!!  Enough already!!!
Remember how I talked about being really overwhelmed/over stimulated these days... see why!  The "help" can be a bit too much at times!!!  But, when the noise subsides and everyone smiles and we all made it through that brief moment of chaos, I am thankful again for the help!

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Rincon Family said...

I can totally picture this!! It made me laugh!! :)