Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day(s)

Valentine's Day occurred over a couple of days at our house.  The plan was for the kids to go to school Monday morning and celebrate Valentine's Day with their friends.  They had been working on their cards and had their item we had singed up to bring for the party ready to go (Owen had sprinkles and Addyson had bananas).  However, we woke up to a great pre-Valentine's gift, better than anything mommy and daddy could buy.  We had SNOW!
I was really afraid of a snow day... I knew the kids would be crushed.  I was trying to prepare them for the possibility of "no school" and they didn't want to hear it.  As I anxiously awaited the school closing to pop up on the tv, Owen was in the other room busy on something but I wasn't sure what.  All I knew was that he was excited about it being Valentine's Day!
He came into the living room with a stack of cards behind his back and a HUGE grin on his face.  He said he had a surprise for us and one by one he pulled out his Valentine's he had made us and handed them to each of us!!!  He just learned how to draw a heart the other day and he is SO proud of that!!!
He even made one for Ethan, which he tried so hard to get him to hold, and Shilo!!!  At this point I found out that the kids WOULD be having school but no party, they were going to have the party on Wednesday to make sure more kids would be there.  I tried to fill the kids in on the plan and again they wanted to hear nothing of it.  I knew there was no point arguing with them, the teachers would do a good job of distracting them so I didn't have to worry about trying to make them understand before they got there.  Thankfully they still had pizza day and I think that helped lessen the blow!
Tuesday was actually Valentine's Day and we ended up having a very busy day filled with LOTS of sweets!!!  First we went to gymnastics and then we met the MOMS Club at Fun City.  We got there really late so we missed out on the pizza but the kids had fun playing with their friends and eating cupcakes!!!
To make up for not eating pizza I told the kids we could have a special lunch with daddy!!!  Do you know where they are eating???  It has to do with our V Day gift!!! : )
For dinner we went to eat at one of the kids' favorite places!!!  Hu Hot!!!  Owen is big enough now to go through the line himself and fill his bowl with what he wants!!!  He got mainly noodles, chicken, and green peppers!!! : )  Addyson loves the noodles, sausage, and egg with a few veggies mixed in!!!
I love holidays but I think I might be a bit cheap thrifty when it comes to buying all of the holiday outfits.  For starters, I don't like to dress my kids in holiday shirts other than the actual week or maybe two leading up to the holiday and not after.  So, it is hard for me to spend a lo of money on a shirt they will only wear a couple of times. (which is why if they do have a holiday shirt I wash it a lot those couple of weeks and the kids can been seen in it every day or every other!! : )  )  Instead, I try to get in the spirit with what we have.  SO, we all wore red (or pink in Brad's case) and it was funny that several people commented on how we were all in red!  Am I being cheap or is this a reasonable way to celebrate the holidays???
The kids love eating with the chopsticks and they are getting better the more practice they get!! : )  And they get busy to make a "happy plate" because they know that we are saving the best thing about this place for last....
Think I have a few happy Valentines in this family!!! : )
Finally Wednesday came and it was time to celebrate with their friends!  By this point, Addyson's bananas were brown from all of the carrying around for 3 days!!! : )  She was SO proud to take them to her friends!!  I watched as she ran into her room and started her daily routine of picking out dress up clothes with her friends and getting ready to dance.... all with her bananas by her side!!!
Look at those bananas swinging away as she jumped up and down with the music!  She finally thought, on her own, that it would be a better idea to put the bananas down on the corner of the bookshelf (you can see the edge of it in the picture) where they would be safe but she could still see them.  THEN.... her assistant teacher took them (without thinking) and put them up higher.  Addyson LOST it!!!  Her teacher tried to explain that there the bananas would be safe.  Addyson wanted to hear nothing of it!!!  After much screaming and crying (and now I'm stressed because we are super late taking Owen to class) the teacher offered to give them back and Addyson was too peeved off to want them anymore.  I left with my heart in knots.... the big day we had been waiting for was slowly turning out bad.....
I rushed Owen down to his class where their day had already begun.  The Razorback tennis players had come (this was planned before the party was moved) to spend the day with the kids!  Owen is always excited to meet real Razorback players in person!!!  While soaking up this moment I could hear Addyson screams echoing from down the hallway : (
The tennis player must have made a great impression, Owen came home asking how come we've never been to a match and wanted to know when we could go!
After saying goodbye to O, I headed to check on Addyson.  I was just going to peak in the door and I saw she was still crying and she saw me.  Then, I made a HUGE mistake... I went back in.  She lost it.  I thought I could give her a kiss and make it better and that was NOT the case.  She told me she wanted to go home. : (  I said she needed to stay for her party and she put herself on the ground and cried.  Ugh!!!  I was at a loss.  I kissed her lots and took her to her teacher and left.  My heart was aching.  I asked the director to go in and check on her which she did no problem.  I then called a few minutes later to see if she was ok... I wasn't sure how she was doing all I knew was I was in tears... one of those days.  Thankfully I was reassured that she was fine and having a great day so that put my mind and heart at ease.  Whew!!!
All my worries were cast aside when I picked up two very happy kids from school who were excited to get home and go through their loot!!!!
Owen was very sweet and wanted to share his Valentine's with us!!!  He didn't understand that they were just for him... he wanted to spread the love!!! : )
All in all, it was a great couple of days!!!  I can't wait to blog about what Brad and I got for our Valentine's Day gift (and Easter, birthday, Christmas.... ; ) )

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