Sunday, February 12, 2012

Writing Valentines

The kids are getting ready for their Valentine's Day party at school!!!  Owen is SO excited that he can write his name himself this year!!!  I watched him carefully write his name on 12 Valentines.  I was impressed!!!
I thought I was going to have to write his friends' names on each card but he surprised me!!!  He could do it by himself!!!  Just a month ago he was writing letters by tracing the dots I would make for him.  Today, he looked at the list of names from his teacher and copied each letter all by himself!!!  Man, he is getting big!!!  Back in August I was wondering if he would be ready for kindergarten the following year.  Now, I KNOW he is ready!!!!  He is eager and willing to learn and he wants to knowledge and independence!!!  I saw it all today as he conquered each card, name, and letter by himself!
Now wanting to be outdone by Owen, Addyson took to writing her "letters" on her cards too!!!  I held her hand and helped her write her name on each card and then she took each card and wrote her friends' names on them!!!  I love that by watching Owen she is inspired to do things on her own!!  I love my little Valentines!!!

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