Saturday, March 17, 2012

Alamo & El Mercado

This morning we ate breakfast in the King William part of SA at a restaurant called El Mirador.  The food was really yummy!  I love breakfast tacos!!!  They had a patio that I wish we could have sat at, it would have made the experience that much better and breakfast would have probably tasted better too!! : )  The weather here is so perfect I just want to be outside as much as I can!
No worries though, we had a WHOLE day of outside fun planned!!!!  After breakfast we headed to the Alamo!  Along the way we passed by a great park area called Hemisphere Park but I was afraid of the kids wearing themselves out playing and they would be done the rest of the morning.  However, if you are looking for a park area, I would go there!!!!
Our first main stop was the Alamo!  They had this great 3-D map that showed several different stages of the Alamo and the fighting.  Owen was drawn to this map.  Any time we walked by it he would go over to it and put his hand where it is right now and talk about how the Alamo got "crashed" and then they built it again.  He was very concerned for the broken building!
The grounds are beautiful!!!  Again, another great day and perfect for napping!  This is Ethan outside of the Alamo, main building.  There is a HUGE line to stand in if you want to pay and go through the Alamo.  We opted to not stand in line and go around to the left of the Alamo and get in for free.  There are still plenty of things to read about and see so it just depends on what you want to do.
For us, or should I say, for the kids, not waiting in line and spending more time outside was the better option!  Again, there was water and fish... the kids were entertained for hours!  We would look around and always end back up at the fish for a nice break!
There was a pretty water fountain there that the kids were drawn to.... they found sticks and went fishing... for leaves....
And while they were entertained, we sat back and enjoyed the beauty of the Alamo and the day!!!
Then we turned around and saw Addyson was taking her shoes off.... you know what that means!!!!
This girl is part Mermaid!!! : )  Happiest when she and all of her clothes are wet!
Owen had the kids looking for different fish!  Each leave was a need species of fish.  They found stripped bass, blue gills, sunfish, trout, and many others!
No Addyson!  Don't do it!! ; )
Note to self: When wanting to take a family picture, do so BEFORE the kids are tired and crabby!!!  Take your picture at the beginning of your visit and NOT at the end of it!!
After the Alamo, we went to El Mercado to walk around and shop.  There was a HUGE festival going on...not sure if it was because of St. Patty's day weekend but, there were TONS of people and LOTS of street vendors!  We ended up standing beside a metal Razorback while we waited for the dads to bring back beer.  Metal artwork is a big thing down here!  And the Razorback was meant to be ours..... Holly said she had never seen one of these before!
There were SO many cool things here with a Mexican twist!!!  This is another must-see stop if you are in the SA area!!!
And at one side of El Mercado is one of the best restaurants we ate at!!!  Mi Tierra!!!  There was an hour and a half wait and it was worth it!!!!  While waiting we let the kids pick something from the bakery to keep them occupied!!!  They have candied oranges and sweet potatoes that are SO yummy!!!  You eat the WHOLE thing!  If you are there you HAVE to try them!  They also have yummy pralines!
Addyson was the last one to eat her snack... her and Owen got a cake topped with pink icing.  As she ate, the others gathered around and hoped for a bite.  She went to give Simon a bite and then thought twice and quickly shoved it in her mouth and then quickly finished off every last bite... no sharing here!! : )
When the snacks were gone it was time for the entertainment hour to begin!  We had gotten Owen a guitar at the market... he was SO excited!  And so was Simon and Owen was a good sharer of his new toy (which we don't usually make kids do at our house... a new toy is very sacred and doesn't HAVE to be shared until the newness has worn off).  Simon was singing and entertaining his groupies!!!  Thanks Simon for helping to pass the time!!
Here they had the best atmosphere!!  The best michelada beer I had here!!  And they are famous for their carnita (pork marinated in orange) which I ordered and if you are looking for cabrito (goat), which Brad ordered, they have that too!  It was all yummy!!  I'm tempted to go back that way on our way home and eat there again it was SO yummy!  I think it was the overall experience that I was impressed with!  The servers are from all over and you can look at their name tags and see where they are from, ours was from Madrid, Spain! The decorations were fun and overall it was festive!
We sent the guys to fetch the car, that was one thing we were a bit worried about; easy and cheap/free parking, and we walked to an easy pick-up spot with the kids!  Of course, as soon as we are on our way the two big kids had to go potty.... it always happens that way!!!  There was a store that let Holly take the big two potty while I waited outside and entertained the little 3!  What a fun night.  Another late night!!  Another night where we got home at 9:30 and the kids were asleep within minutes of their heads hitting the pillow but, it was well worth it!  I would say that today was a day of highlights in SA and the funny thing is, we are not even going to the Zoo, Sea World, or Children's museum that are other hot spots here!  There is just SO much to do!

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