Wednesday, March 21, 2012

At the Beach

After nap time, we headed over the boarkwalk (which, thankfully, is very close to our camping site) for an evening at the beach!
Well "we" didn't all go.... at least not at the same time.  The big two woke up so Brad took them while Ethan napped.  He slept until 5:30!  I finally had to go wake him up!!  I wanted him to sleep tonight PLUS I was afraid we were missing too much of the beach action!!!!  There are times I like my quiet times but today was not one of those times!  I like to be there for all of those fun moments!  I want to know what the kids are looking for in the sand!
I want to see who will be the brave one to get into the cold water first!
I want to see their expression as they run through the water,
running from the waves, with the wind blowing in their hair!
I want to watch as their gather seashells until their pockets are full!!!
And watch as the seagulls look on hoping that it is food in the little boy's pocket... not shells!
So, I wake up the sleeping baby and quickly head to the beach with my camera in hand so I can try to capture as many of these little, priceless moments as I can.  Because I know that no one else is taking it is like I want to.  While Brad is enjoying his time with them, he is not taking note of the fine details and he cannot answer my every question.  So, I have to go see for myself!
And I'm so glad to be there.  It seems like their time at the beach is just getting started.... at least that is what I'm telling myself!  I didn't miss anything!  I'm sure they patiently waited on the beach for us to arrive!  Once we did, it was time to go for a swim, even Shilo got to go for a swim!  His first swim in the Gulf!
And I was there to capture it!!!  To see my boy and his dog running from the waves with the wind in their hair!
I was there as Owen got brave enough to take on the cold water (it wasn't really cold, I think it was a combo of the breeze and cooler water temp... it was actually really nice!). 
Whew!  I didn't miss much!
And I'm sure the others on the beach didn't miss the fact that my almost 3 year old is too skinny for her 2T swim shorts to stay up!!! : )
Then it was Ethan's turn to feel the water for his first time!!!
Here is Ethan's first trip to the beach!!!  How exciting for little man!!!  He seemed to really enjoy it!  The breeze, the waves, his squealing siblings,.....
and the sand!!!
It was our first beach trip of the year and Ethan's first beach trip ever and I was there for all of it!  Life is great and our evening at the beach is amazing!

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