Friday, March 2, 2012

Bike Ride

Today the weather was gorgeous!!!  Are we getting totally spoiled or what?!?  I can't believe it is March and it has only snowed one day (not counting the one morning with a light snow dusting sprinkled on the ground).  I have said this several times this winter... if there is any winter we were going to have a mild one, I'm thankful it is this winter!
I was mildly dreading toting around 3 kids in winter coats, one is a HUGE car seat, all winter long.  Adjusting to three is work enough without the hassle of hats, gloves, boots, coats, and all of the baby gear!  Not to mention all of the extra sickness that comes along with the winter months!!!  I am super paranoid about RSV since my baby brother got a terrible case of it when I was 11.... seeing him and my parents go through weeks in ICU still haunt me today.... which is why I try to avoid having any babies in the dead of winter!
Today, I'm not making sure I have all hats, gloves, and coats accounted for.  Nope.  Instead, I'm making sure I have bikes, helmets, water bottles, and a packed lunch!!!  Can you believe it?!?!  And I probably should have packed the sun screen to meet our friends at the park for a picnic and bike ride!!
It was a bit windy so I was glad that I have been keeping coats and hats in my car just waiting for this weather to take a quick turn for the worse!  I needed Ethan's hat to try to keep the wind from whipping through his ears!!!  The fresh air, warm sun, and reclined back all tucked in was the one, two punch he needed and he enjoyed his morning nap while the others zipped by him on the rides!
Look at my big guy that is out-growing his first bike!!!  Really, he is ready for the next size up??  All of these milestones and getting big moments are happening too frequently between the three kids.  Almost too much for this poor momma's heart!  I often tell Owen that he needs to stay small and he tells me , "No, I want to get big like my daddy!".  Sweet boy is on his way there!
We were at Veteran's Park and we went over to where cars use to drive in and out of the park and they now have that area blocked off from cars.  It made a nice "race way" for the kids and we didn't have to constantly worry about cars.  We just let them do laps as we sat back and watched.  The tricky part is that there is a bit of a "hill" so the kids would pick up speed coming down and we haven't worked on breaking yet with O.  Oops!!  He stared to pick up speed and put his legs out to the side and let go of his handle bars.... how did he think that was going to slow him down???  He ran into the ditch once and into the brush another time before I finally got him to keep his hands and feed attached to the bike, to steer, and to peddle backwards!!!  We also go them to go in the opposite direction and the slope down on the other side wasn't so bad.  Whew!! I almost thought we were going to have a bad accident!
If you are wondering where Addyson is, she is the one in the pink to the left of the tree.  Poor girl has her tricycle and it is A LOT of work.  She took several breaks and got really frustrated at one point that she couldn't keep up.  She, too, is ready for a big bike.  Owen got his bike at 3 and our friends that were with us got their bikes at 3.  Addyson's birthday is coming up and I think she'll be excited to see her new bike and she'll be ready to go on a bike ride and keep up with the boys!

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