Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Blue Hair

 Today, Owen's class had their second Crazy Hair Day of the year.  I don't have a lot of hair tricks in my bag besides using hair spray to style a messy do.... creative, I know!  It probably wouldn't have bothered Owen to have the same hair do as last time but, I wanted to try to do something different... I just wasn't sure what.
Then, yesterday, an email went around the MOMS Club that I'm a part of talking about how to dye kids' hair that is easy and washable and I knew that was my way to spice up Owen's messy do!!!  The key ingredient... chalk!
I mashed up some of the kids' blue sidewalk chalk in a little bowl and then I added a tiny bit of water.  It turned into a paste and then I applied that to Owen's hair!!!  It worked!!!  Addyson wanted in on the fun but her class wasn't participating in CHD.  Not only that but, I had a feeling if I fixed her hair she would be messing with it ALL day.  She'll get her turn soon!
Owen LOVED his new do!!!  It totally made his morning!!!
 Actually, it made his WHOLE day!!!  As we walked into school so many people commented on his blue hair... that ended up matching his shirt almost perfectly.... his face just lit up with each comment and he walked into his class with a HUGE smile on his face!
Tonight, the chalked washed out easily.... despite Owen's requests to keep his blue hair because he likes it.  I'm glad to have this trick up my sleeve!  And so is Owen!  As we went to bed he asked if he could have his hair blue tomorrow!! : )  Not only that but, every night one of the things I ask is, "What was your favorite part about today?" and tonight he said, "Crazy Hair Day"!  Funny how something SO simple makes such an impact on these little guys!  I have a feeling we'll be having our own at-home Crazy Hair Day soon!

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