Saturday, March 3, 2012

Breakfast with Nammie

When I'm home alone with the kids on the weekend I'm never in a rush to get anywhere.  We could spend ALL day in our jammies and we all, especially me, would be just fine with that!  We were on the road to a day in jammies when my mom called and asked if we wanted to go breakfast.  I wasn't really inspired to do much of anything but, I know that the kids like to go out so I said we would go meet her someplace if that was what she wanted.... I didn't fill the kids in on anything at this point because I knew what their request would be.... Go Out!
My mom said we should probably just stay at the house and let the kids play and she would bring something by.  She asked what we wanted and I had to chuckle.... she doesn't need to ask that.  No matter which one of the two places she went to, we always get the same thing so there was no need to ask!  She showed up at our house with two boxes from Rick's and I think the kids were more excited to see the boxes than they were to see her!!; )  Since we discovered Briar Rose we haven't been to Rick's.
Just to make myself feel better (not so guilty), I had the kids change into clothes for the day...even though our "day" had already started 4 hours earlier... before she got there.  Even if we stay home all day I don't feel so bad about it if we change clothes.... and when I say "we", I really mean "they".  Dare I admit it that there are days I stay in my jammies ALL day?!?!  I just love my comfy pants and I know we are staying home so why put forth the effort to pick out an outfit and change???  For the kids, I think it helps with the routine in the morning AND at night!  How weird is it getting ready for bed when there isn't much to do but brush teeth? : )
Look at this face!  Such a sweet, dirty face frozen in time.  Funny how a picture only gives part of the story.  If only you could hear what she or I was saying before or after this picture was taken!!! : )
 Look at this sweet boy!  Can you see his eyes smiling behind the sausage roll???
I have to say that Rick's was extra good this morning!!!  Good down to the last lick!!!  It was a yummy start to our lazy day!!!  Thanks for breakfast Nammie!

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