Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Catching Dinner

After our busy morning in town the two little kids took LONG naps (and I took a short one)!  Owen was up first so I told Brad that he should take O out fishing while I stayed back and let the other two sleep.  Down the highway is a marina that is about a 15 minute bike ride.  Owen was SO excited to learn that he and daddy would be heading out for an afternoon of fishing!
There is a great walkway that was easy to fish off of and the fish were biting!!!!
Owen caught 9 fish!!!  Two keepers!!!  He was SO excited!  Every time he reeled one in he would squeal and the pelicans caught on to what he was doing.  Brad said it didn't take long and soon, every time Owen squealed the pelicans would fly in hoping to catch the little fish they threw back!  Between the pelicans and seagulls, I feel like I'm in the movie Finding Nemo!!! : )
Owen got to use his new net to help bring in one of the little fish!  Good thing we got that today!
Look what's for dinner!!!  Shrimp we bought in town.... the fish O caught and the crab Brad caught!!!  That's what's for dinner!!!
And it was YUMMY and Owen was beside himself!!!!  He chatted non-stop from the minute he got home to the minute he went to bed!  So excited about his 9 fish!!!  So excited about the crab!!!  So excited to be fishing!  I wish I had video taped him!! At one point while Brad was cooking, Owen was standing up on the picinic table going on and on about fishing.... talking to whoever would listened!  I asked him what he was doing and he said he was the Big Gorilla talking to the other gorillas about fishing (we have been watching Horton Hears a Who).  I love his imagination and how he can entertain himself for hours these days talking to his imaginary crowd!  At dinner he kept checking in with me, "Mom, is my fish good?!?!"  "Mom, isn't my fish good?!?!"  "Mom, I caught these fish today!!!"  Owen caught our dinner and he is so proud of that!

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