Monday, March 19, 2012

Day at the Gampground

Today is the first of our trip that we are able to sit back, relax, and watch the sun rise!  It was a beautiful morning!  We were woken up by the wind and rain at 6:30 (and also at 2am when I was worried about the possibility of a tornado.... the RV sure does rock a lot in the wind and makes it a bit more dramatic than it probably really is).  I didn't mind getting up that early knowing we had a relaxing morning ahead.
We all went outside in our jammies to take it all in.  There are so many people up and walking dogs... it is part of the community here!  There are a lot of yorkies and every yorkie has a harness!  We have now been schooled several times about why our yorkie needs a harness.  I explain to them that this isn't our first yorkie.... we had 2 that lived to be very old and that didn't happen by being bad yorkie owners!  However, I think we might get Shilo a harness since that is the norm or standard in this community... much like a wooden sign out front with your name on it.... and we want to fit in!!!  The other standard here is fishing rods!  They are every where!  And our kids were up practicing first thing this morning in our "yard"!
It didn't take long before the big kids started asking to go fishing at the beach!!! It was Ethan's nap time so he and I hung back at the RV so he could nap.... and I could blog ; )
It is really windy here.... I'm mean.... like blow your skirt up windy.... and I was really worried about the sand blowing into Ethan's eyes so I wasn't in a rush to take him to the beach.  The wind also made it a bit hard for Owen to cast out.  As you can probably figure out, he didn't catch anything but, at least he was able to go and get it out of his system.
And the fact that the beach was covered in these jellyfish didn't help matters.  Both kids were afraid of getting stung by them so they wanted as far from them as they could be.  Brad said the wagon tipped over, with Addyson in it, and she about lost her mind for fear she was going to land on a jellyfish!
Playing with their new sand toys farther from the water.... and farther from the jellyfish.... seemed like a much safer option this morning!
After a morning of sun and sand they were hungry and ready for a snack!!!
And then an hour later we were ready for lunch!!!  Yummy lettuce wraps thanks to the lettuce from the Austin Brewster's garden.  Is that part of camping... eating every hour???  Is it because we are always on the go?  Or, is it part of the fun of eating outside and snacking all day?
After lunch we loaded up our bikes to tour around camp and see how "easy" it would be to bike with all three kids into town.  We don't have a car with us so if we want to go anywhere we have to be able to bike there.  Town is 3 miles away and they've "made" a "road" in the sand by packing down the sand to make it driveable and Brad thinks we'll be able to take our bikes on it easily.
The trick is making sure we can get all three kids there safely.  And making sure we arrive with happy kids!  I think we figured out how to make it work!  Look at these happy kids!!!  We put Ethan in the front seat in his car seat and then the other two sat in the cargo compartment.  A lot of this camping trip is about improvising!  We are making it work!
Have I mentioned the wind???  It is windy all day and all night!  Never a break from the wind!  I think when we go home it is going to be a shock to the system!  Here we have to make sure everything is "nailed down".  Addyson ended up with a plate of ketchup on the side of her face as her brother's almost empty plate took flight across the table and landed on her.  Nothing is safe!
Instead of fighting the wind we used it for entertainment!
Sure glad I got Brad a kite for Christmas!!!!  He'll get his money's worth here!!!  And he also got his exercise!!!  Fighting the wind make he work up a sweat!
I am loving our morning filled with many outside activities and making up games and adventures as we go along!

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