Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day with Uncle Kellen

Up until recently, my (American) brothers and I all lived in the same town.  The younger two, not being married or having full-time jobs, would spoil me by coming over to keep the kids and I company when Brad was out of town.  I loved it!!  I would bribe the poor, starving college kids with lunch or dinner to get them to come over more often and it worked!!!
Then, despite my prayers that I would be the only girl in their life (besides mom), they got girlfriends (2 got married) and it got harder for me to compete for their time but offering them food to come work play with the kids.  I've missed them!  I've missed the help!  Brad is gone for huge stretches of time and life gets lonely without adult company.  Until recently, I had a nanny that could help entertain the kids but it is a different kind of help.  I usually leave and let the kids play.  With my brothers, I can stay and catch up and be silly and be in my pjs and be relaxed and just be!  Kellen, who recently moved to Tulsa was in town this weekend and I was SO happy!!!  I talked him into spending the day with us and it was a much needed visit.... especially since Brad is in Brazil for 9 days!!!!  First thing is first, I got to take a shower in peace and quiet!!!  Awww!!!  He could have left after that and I would have been happy!!!  It melted my heart to come out and find the three of them sitting on the couch and reading stories!!!  I miss my brothers!
After my shower, we just hung out!  I caught up on his life and asked him all of the "big sister" questions I could think of!  I tried not to sound like a mom, just a loving sister that was concerned, and I think it worked.  He answered all of my questions and didn't leave!!  Nope, he stayed!!!  He stayed a long time!!!!  I really wanted to go out to eat but knew I couldn't do it alone so he came with!!!  He even got a text from his girlfriend to come over at 6pm and he told her he would be a bit late to help me!!!!  That's something to smile about!!! : )
He even help Ethan so I could eat my hot meal!!!  Wow, I know!  Okay, it helped that he wasn't eating but still, that is a big step!!!  This was the boy that told me when Owen was born that, "I don't 'do babies'".  I think all of his "on the job" experience as an uncle is paying off!!!  Of course, he still complained, "Ethan won't stop wiggling!" and Ethan just smiled and I just said, "Yep, he's a baby." and kept eating.  I wasn't going to save him from a wiggly baby!!!!  I was going to enjoy my meal!
And enjoy every single second of having Uncle Kellen around for the day!!!!  Just what this big sister needed, my sister love cup filled!!!!  Thanks Kellen for a great day!!!!

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