Tuesday, March 20, 2012

gDiapers and Giveaway

 It is a yucky, rainy morning here!!  The wind is cold... too cold to send the kids outside to play.  Too cold to take the dog potty without a jacket... I know from experience! ; )  There will be no beach or fishing this morning!  Instead, I'm going to blog while the kids play school with Brad!  That too sounds like a good morning... at least to me it does!! ; )  What should I blog about... first thing I do in the morning... change Ethan!  Wanna know how I diaper Ethan on the road???  I use gDiapers!
What does "g" stand for???
This week, for me, the "g"stands for "Go"!  This diaper is my diaper for on-the-Go!
At home I use cloth diapers.  On the go, I use gDiapers!!!  These diapers are environmentally friendly and no washing OR landfill is needed so I can diaper on the road guilt free!!!  Remember, I am trying to put an environmentally friendly spin on RVing, as I do with everything else in my life!  Because gDiapers are 100% biodegradable gRefills you can flush, compost or toss (or use gCloth to wash and reuse) the "g" for me also stands for "green" and "great for baby".
I have been using these diapers for traveling since Owen was a baby.  When I first bought gDiapers they only had the disposable liners and orange, red, and cream covers.  Now, they have SO many great colors and other great products!!!  They have a washable liner that my friend Jennifer uses as well as these great wipes, clothes, and a variety of bags!  I have been using these biodegradable wipes on this trip and I LOVE them!  When our hot water is not working, I just use these to wash the kids' faces before bed and their face is clean and I don't worry about harsh chemicals on their skin or throwing a wipe in the landfill that will be there for 100 years!
One of my favorite aspects about the gDiaper is its waterproof/ breathable pouch!!  Ethan had a blow out at the restaurant yesterday and all I had to do was change the pouch... the cloth part was still good!  I just washed the pouch out and can use it the next time I change him!!!  If you are new to cloth and are worried about the stains in the pouches (our pouch is now mustard yellow), you just hang them in the sun and before you know it they are as good as new!!!  Good thing we brought a rope and clothespins along!!!
As I watch Ethan roll around in his cute new g, the g for me also stands for gentile and guilt-free!  And Good for camping/RVing!!!  Just what I need to making diapering on the road easy, quick, and convenient! 
Are you curious about gDiapers and all of their great products???  Check them out at www.gdiapers.com. (if you are ordering for the first time from their website you can save $10 on a purchase of $100 by using the code TRYIT)  I love their new colors!!  Make sure to check out their new diaper they released today!!!  I LOVE it and g's love of Mothers and Mother Earth!!!
I was lucky enough to get 3 new covers from them to try on Ethan!!  Know what else "G" stands for today?!?!  Giveaway!!!  I have 2 arge covers to giveaway (a pink one with gs on it, like Ethan's blue one above and a glacier blue)!!!  Here's how it will work!
To enter;
Do ONE of the following for ONE entry!  Do more for more entries!
1) Follow me.  All you need is a google account but that isn't hard.  I just use my yahoo email and password as a log in.  I'm sure it works the same for other email accounts!
2) Like gDiapers on Facebook
3) visit gDiapers and let me know your favorite diaper color and if you use the biodegradable inserts or gCloth.
4) Blog about this giveaway and leave me the link in a comment.
Then, leave a comment here (with your email address) letting me know you've done any of the above and for each one of the 4 you will get one entry into the drawing.  Do so before March 25th at noon.  Then, I will draw 1 lucky winner at random!  Good luck and Happy Diapering!


dave and jenn said...

You know I love the gDiapers! :) And I am in need of some size large ones so I can build my stash for Jade.

I am already follower of yours, and I just "liked" gDiapers on Facebook.

My favorite diaper color is actually the glacier blue. I love the pink ones too, but we already have some of those! We use the biodegradable inserts at nighttime (doubled up) and organic cotton cloth inserts during the day. They are so, so easy.

I have written a blog post about the giveaway, and it will be up tonight on www.hollandsonthehill.com. Let me know if you need the specific link to the post.

Yay! Thanks for hosting this.

Stephanie said...
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Stephanie said...

1)I just started following you!

2)I LOVE gDiapers and have liked them on FB

3) I am LOVING the good lovin' gpant! I use both the biodegradable inserts and gCloth.


reiko said...

I am a gdiaper mom, too! Love them. We have twins (b/g) so they have been a $ saver. They are now 15 months and starting to transition to the large sizes, so this giveaway is perfect!

I am now a follower of your blog. I am already "liking" gdiapers on FB. I dont have a public blog, so I wrote about your giveaway on my FB wall.

I love the glacier blue and the grateful red! Havent been able to splurge on other colors, so we have tons of the great orange and guppy green.

We only rarely use the biodegradable inserts- only for outings on the weekends. We do the cotton cloth inserts during the day, and at nite, for my heavy wetter son, we use a combo of prefold/gflapper in microfleece sleeve/flip insert. My daughter just needs a prefold wrapped around a small-size gdiaper cloth insert.

Have a great day!

ileea said...

following you now
already liked gdiapers
I lke the little gStreet pants.
when I figure out how to get back to my blog I will blog.
My little guy is 21 months old and I have thought gdiapers were the best way to go for travelling, wish I had them for my first family as well.
Thanks for the opportunity to win a new pair for Ciaran

The Shelly Family said...
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The Shelly Family said...

I'm always excited to see a gDiapers mentioned, and I love it even more when there's a giveaway involved!

1. I'm now following your blog!
2. I already liked gDiapers on Facebook.
3. My favorite current color is Good Morning Sunshine. I use both cloth and the flushable inserts, and I love having that flexibility.

Thanks for the giveaway!


nicole said...

1) Im following you Yaa
2) liked Gdiapers on facebook (cant belive i had not done that yet)
3) I personally love the goddess pink ones and right now i am using prefolds with my gdiapers just cause i havent had the money for the gcloth. I have uysed the inserts and love them too
4) just bloged about you heres the link http://2fishplus3fish.blogspot.com/
My e-mail abby is nikita9042@gmail.com. I am so in love with the gdiaper!!!!!

rachelfox said...

1) I'm now following you!
2) I like gdiapers on facebook. Great way to stay on top of updates.
3) Favorite color is giddy up brown, though guppy green is a close second. We use cloth inserts I made and gmd prefolds for the nights.

The Parents said...
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natalieromanyshyn said...

1) i follow you

2) i've "liked" gdiapers on facebook for years now

3) my favorite diaper currently is the good lovin' limited edition print

(i don't have a blog other wise i would do #4)

*Morgan* said...

1-I liked gDiapers on FB--that's how I found out about your blog!

2-I am following you now

3-I think the new "love your mother earth" pattern is so cute! Biodegradable inserts for us.


Mummy Kim said...

mcintosh dot kimberley at gmail dot com

1) new blog follower (mummy kim)
2) like gdiapers on fb (kim mcintosh)
3) I love the groovy grape, gtweet, goosey grey, and well all of them. We would use them with cloth inserts at home and the disposable inserts while on vacation.

I would love to try these diapers. We love our cloth but have never tried gdiapers. And with baby #2 coming in September more diapers is always good :)


ruflove said...

1) I'm now following your blog!

2) I like gDiapers on Facebook

3) I love the guppy green cover but I'm not using any of the inserts. Little Boy Ruf isn't due until July. ;)

crystamom said...

I'm following you (and super excited about it)

I already 'like' gdiapers on facebook.

my favorite gdiapers that they have out now are goosey gray, goodmorning sunshine & glacier blue! (in fact i think they'd look awsome on a diaper together!)

I use the gcloth...i have a pack of grefills here but we rarely use them! LOVE the gcloth!

gertstitches said...

I love gdiapers. I'm a first time mom and want to be a green one. I've already have liked gdiapers on FB since I found out I was expecting. We love the gStreet little pants. We have just started using the gdiapers now that my 7week old babe is large enough (12+lbs) we use the cloth inserts

caramilk_78 said...

Now im following you! I just started using my gdiapers a couple days ago..so far so great!! I have liked gdiapers on facebook for a while..i think the little tweet or groovy grape are my faves..only using cloth right now..our toilet wouldnt handle the disposable :S

Good luck to everyone in the giveaway!!

Lora said...

I just started using gdiapers! We are in Mediums but would love to build my stash for later!

I love the new goosy gray color!

I use gcloth at home and the disposable inserts for travel!

rodeorulz said...

1-I am now a "follower" of your blog!
2-"liked" gDiapers on facebook
3-glacier blue or good morning sunshine (but I don't have either) I use gCloth inserts mainly but also use the biodegradable inserts
4-didn't blog :(

Thanks for the opportunity to win a gDiaper!

Cassidy Cay said...

1) I just started following you
2) I like gDiapers on FB
3) I love the pink gDiapers and the tweet pattern. I use cloth at home and the biodegradable inserts for the road

Anonymous said...
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Anderson Family said...

Not just like, but love gdiapers! Even on Facebook.

Anderson Family said...

I love sunshine yellow.

Anonymous said...

Did 3!

1) Following you!
2) Liked gDiapers on Facebook
3) My favorite is goosey grey. I use both cloths and disposables. :)


Michelle said...

I like gDiapers on FB
I'm following you
My fave color is....well...all of them! I love the new print, but the blue, green, and orange are probably my faves. ne

kmcmommy said...

Following you now!

I like (love) gdiapers on facebook.

My favorite gdiaper is a close tie between gstreet and googoo but for a solid color galley.

We use gcloth with an occasional grefill.

JulieR said...

My current favorite color is the glacier blue, even though I have a girl! Love the gDiapers! And also loved this blog, was a very good read! I have both the cloth and disposable and love them both! Already like gdiapers on Facebook! And I am now a follower! Jft121@gmail.com

dtd.walker said...


1) I started following you.
2) I've liked gDiapers on FB.
3) My favorite pattern has to be their new "good lovin'" pattern!


Rachel Huber said...

1. Following you!
2. Already liked gDiapers on Facebook!
3. Favorite color is Goosey Grey. I usually use the cloth inserts, but was given a couple packs of disposable inserts, and save those for nap times, when I know a BM is going to happen :)

shadesgirlak said...

1. I am now following you, thanks for a fun blog.

2. I have liked gDiapers on FB.

3. I love the glacier blue diaper and my little guy is about to move into large. (I also love gStreet but haven't bought it.)

I can't bring myself to blog about diapers :(. Thanks for the giveaway!

Jess. M. said...

Started following you, and following gDiapers is how I found out about this. [:

My favorite color that they offer, is the light blue, but my favorite overall is the gCamper diaper.


LOVE that diaper! I use the cloth inserts. [:

Olivia S said...

1. I started following you today!
2. I'm already a fan of gDiapers on facebook.
3. I'm a big fan of the pinks and purples but my favorite color is the glacier blue. We use the biodegradable inserts at night and cloth during the day.

I love gDiapers. I was just thinking that I have
Have a great day!

I'm Lacey said...

1) Following you!
2) Liked Gdiapers
3) the glacier blue is my fav!! Would love to win one for my daughter and I don't have a single large diaper yet!

Sarah said...

We love Gdiapers!

1 I dont have a twitter.

2 Already a fan.

3 Want a Groovy grape I use Biodegradable inserts on the GO! I only have a few gcloth.


Mer Rue said...

1) I just started following you :)
2) I have "liked" diapers since I was pregnant with my daughter.
3) I use the biodegradable inserts for outings and at night over the reusable liners (this cuts down on leaks during the night).

Neve has a nice assortment of colors plus some slightly used limited gdiapers. I just ordered a couple "love your mother" in sm and med and a couple gooseberry purple in med and lg. I have been slowly adding to her collection so that as she grows we will be prepared and not overwhelmed.



Unknown said...

1)I just started following you

2) I liked gDiapers on facebook a long time ago

3) my favorite color is Gentle Taupe- I know I am boring and I use the Flushable inserts


Chelsea said...


Love the grape color, but all are so cute. We use both disposables and cloth!

Chelsea said...
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Maria D. @ DownrightDomesticity said...

I like gDiapers on facebook! (Maria Dispenza)
maria.the.uncommon at gmail dot com

Maria D. @ DownrightDomesticity said...

We had a grubby knees gray that I just loved-- such a unique color! I like to use a combination of disposable inserts, gcloth, or prefolds, depending on the situation.
maria.the.uncommon at gmail dot com

TwinMomBecca said...

I just started following you.

I liked gDiapers on Facebook a long time ago

My favorite color right now is maybe Globetrotter or Goosey Grey. My favorite of all time is gCamper

Alicia Yvonne said...

I like G'Diapers on face book!

My favorite color (that i don't own) is the glacier blue! I use the gCloths with the liners pretty much exclusivly, but I do have the biodegradable inserts in case I need to be out and about longer than I think originally.

and NOW I folow you!

jkal said...

My email: jkalivoda@live.com

Shared on my Blog: http://kalivoda.blogspot.com/2012/03/gdiapers-giveaway.html

Liked gdiapers on Facebook: Jessica Kalivoda (name)

Following your blog: http://kalivoda.blogspot.com/

Favorite color gdiaper: Vanilla, it's not bright white but it's chic and goes with many outfits!

I use a mix between the disposable inserts and the cloth inserts. Disposables while we are at and when it's convenient and the cloth inserts for a lot of home and sleep time.

Keely said...

I am now following you (keelybooth at gmail dot com)u, I like gdiapers on Facebook already and the one I am dying to try is Goosey Grey, although the Glacier Blue is nice too. I am awaiting my gdiapers fluff mail for my sons first birthday next month and can't wait to try them. We went the cloth route but the idea of the disposable ones for our cottage weekends is great!

May said...

1) I am going to follow you
2) I liked gdiapers on Facebook
3) I love good morning sunshine I use gcloths

Laina said...

i am a follower!

Laina said...

i LOVE the good morning sunshine color! and i use the g diaper inserts.

Laina said...

i like g diapers on facebook!

mlynn said...

I've already 'liked' (um, try LOVE) gdiapers on facebook.. I'd love to win! :)


VikingKitty said...

I follow you, and I like the pink and the green covers. I already 'like' gdiapers on Facebook. I use either bamboo flats or organic cotton prefolds as inserts, though I have tried the biodegradeable inserts in the past - they're better than disposables, but not as easy as cloth :)

mrs. mom said...

We have been using gDiapers with our first baby and we are loving them! We liked gDiapers on Facebook, and am a follower of you as well.

My favourite gDiaper is the gTweet Little gPant - so adorable!


Pickled Pandas said...

I like gdiapers on facebook amber n cj bowman

zimmy said...

I'm now a follower of yours.

I not only 'like' gDiapers on facebook...I LOVE them in real life!

My favorite color is orange so obviously I love their great orange color! I haven't tried their gCloth inserts yet, only the biodegradable, but loving it!

Pickled Pandas said...

My favorite color is: goodlovin
I don't use the disposable or gcloth inserts, I bought our cover second hand so I just used the GMD infant sized prefolds in the pouch.

meganhoeksema said...
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meganhoeksema said...
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meganhoeksema said...

1. Just followed you!
2. I already LOVE them on FB!
3. Hm, my fav current color is glacier and we use both cloth and disposable - disposable are great for camping (which makes me think I am going to love your blog). :)

artXtart said...

I'm following you. I liked gDiapers on faceBook. I like the goodLovin little gPants. I'm going to use the gRefills.

The Brewers said...

We G most all the time. We use the cloth inserts. We love them. My favorite G color is actually multi-colored stripes.

My son is now almost in larges!!

Melissa Ann said...

I like gDiapers on FB.

I love the Gstreet Diaper. I have a 5 month old boy who loves to rock a 'hawk and that would just go well with his personality :)

Melanie Janke said...

I love using gdiapers! My daughter has been wearing them for 16 months now.

I am expecting twins and I definitely need to add more to my stash!

My favorite color is good morning sunshine. I use the biodegradable inserts when we go out and about and the cloth inserts during the day.

Paola said...

Love To see Gdiaper giveaways! hope to win!!!
1. Liked G's on fb
2.followed ur blog
3. Gdiaper Website..Want Gossey Goodlovin, sunshine I use Gcloths....but moved to Med so I need to stock up...only have two G's right now!

aharres said...

I am a new follower- great blog!

I LOVE gdiapers. I would LOVE gdiapers on facebook if I could, long ago liked them.

Absolute favorite color is grateful red


Mrs EyeCanSee said...

1. New follower! :)

2. Like gDiapers on FB

3. Love the Goosey Gray!


Victoria said...

follow, check.
like gdiapers fb- check
We use gcloth- check
fav color- goddess =)

Unknown said...

I'm starting cloth diapering as soon as the mailman brings my orders to me, but was planning on having to use disposables when we're at a cottage for two weeks without easy access to laundry. But it seems like gDiapers may be the solution! Would love to try them out!!

1. Followed!

2. Liked gDiapers on fb (and I follow then on pinterest.. Bonus points?? Haha)

3. I'm loving the good lovin!


Alexis M. said...

Bring on the g's!

1) Are you a good leader? (Done)
2) How can you not? (Done)
3) I will see them at the Portland Expo center on Friday (3/23), I really like Gooseberry but might be swayed by galactic, and I do like sunshine too... we use gCloth, have gRefills but keeping those for laundry emergencies!

Alexis M. said...

4) http://www.undisorganize.com/2012/03/gdiaper-blogger-promogiveaway.html
5) email me via my google+ please :)

Lou said...

Following you
Liked gDiapers
My favourite colour is Gooseberry Purple and we use a mixture of the biodegradable inserts and Joey Bunz and flip stay dry inserts.

luckykeb at gmail dot com

sXenerd said...

1) I follow you
2) I Like gDiapers on Facebook
3) Love their new gLovin print and use the flushable inserts
4) http://ambriasbaby.blogspot.com/2012/03/awesome-giveaway.html
sxenerdx at yahoo dot com

Unknown said...

I started using gDiapers in 2007.

1. I follow you now.
2. I've liked gDiapers for years!
3. My favorite current color? I'm partial to the Grape. But I love the Garden Party! And I wish I had a Garden Lavender.
4. I blogged about this too: http://chittisterchildren.wordpress.com/2012/03/21/i-love-gdiapers-even-if-ill-never-have-a-garden-lavender/

Unknown said...

I started using g's in 2007. :)

1. I follow you now.
2. I've liked gDiapers for years!
3. My favorite current color is probably Grape.
4. I blogged about this:

Lora said...

I blogged about the giveaway here:

Domestic Diva in Training said...


I just started following you.

I already "liked" GDiapers on facebook.

My favorite color is the PINK. My little lady doesn't have a pink, so I would LOVE it!! I use prefolds inside but also use the biodegradable liners when out and about.

I just blogged about this giveaway. diydomesticdivaintraining.blogspot.com
I also have plenty of DIY repurposing/recycling ideas on my blog if you want to check them out. :)


asj said...

so fun! I'm a new follower! :)

Erin said...

Oh, how I love my g's. Baby girl has been in them since she was big enough for the smalls, and the new little one will be rocking them in just a few months!

1. Follow-check!
2. Well-liked on Facebook
3. Golly, I love the hot pink and am itching to get my hands on the gtweet.

Elyse said...

1. I just started following you!
2. I already "like" gDiapers on facebook (Elyse Coolidge Huey)
3. My favorite diaper is the gStreet and we use cloth inserts.

Thanks for hosting!


RissaMamaRex said...

Having our first and can't wait to get all set up and use gDiapers!

I follow you and already like gDiapers on facebook.

My favorite color would have to be pink... little girls and pink is too cute for words. Love their newest release. I will be using gCloth most of the time and the biodegradable disposables when we are on the go!

Happy diapering :)

Jenny Rose said...

We are in debate of cloth diapering now that sweet priss has arrived! I have heard such great things about gDiapers and am very intrigued! I may need a lesson from you! If we choose to do this, this would be fabulous! I follow, I liked, I love the goddess pink and glacier blue- they are all super fun though! Not sure which inserts we'd use!

Sara Wittenberg said...

Hey Ambre - looks like you hit the big time on this one - tons of followers! Congrats!!!

I already follow you.

My favorite color is guppy green.

I just posted about your giveaway on my blog!

Becky Goerend said...

I have been a gDiaper mama since my boy was born 2 years ago! I already like them on FB and I LOVE the Good Morning Sunshine, yellow! It's so bright. I just put your blog in my google reader, too. Great to keep in touch with other gParents!

Tricia Lee said...

1) I am now following you fellow gDiaper lover!
2)I like gDiapers on Facebook already!
3) My favorite color is the gTweet print! We use the cloth inserts at home and the biodegradable at night and out and about!
4) I just published about your blog on mine! Here is the link: http://lifewitharainbow.wordpress.com/

I have now done all for to obtain 4 entries!! My email address is: tricia.lee81@gmail.com

MrsClare said...

1) I'm totally following you now!
2) I have been liking gdiapers for months, because they are the (non-poopy) bomb!
3) I'm hoping for a little girl so I can get the super cute gtweets or the goddess pink!
4) Keeping the info on trying for baby on the down-low cuz it's a secret! shhh....

amy9777 said...

(1) Love your blog! I'm now following you!

amy9777 said...

(2) Already a fan of gDiapers on Facebook!!

The Barker's said...

I haven't tried gdiapers yet! We use bum genius! I would love to try them =). I love the cute owl print, I am a follower, and I like gdiapers on Facebook!!! My email is ash.barker@yahoo.com

Del, Kari, Kyle and Kolby said...

Hey! What a neat idea! :) I am a follower now, like the gDiaper page and like the alphabet and the pink! :) We are not gDiaper users but would love to try them - we use cloth inserts with our other diapers. So that is 3/4! :)