Saturday, March 24, 2012

Grandma & Grandpa's

Goodbye Port Aransas!!  Thank you for all of the wonderful memories... and pictures!!!  We've had a blast, made some incredible memories, and are already planning our next trip down!  I can't believe we are all packed up and headed out.  I don't want to go! I want to stay!  We are all enjoying this life of leisure! This life of all 5 of us together 24/7... even being cramped in a tiny space at night hasn't gotten to us!  Nope, in fact, we love it!  I'm ready to head out on the road for a year!!!
But, instead of heading out on the road for a year, we are boarding a ferry to leave Port A and head to Grandma and Grandpa's house in Georgetown, TX for a quick layover until we get back on the road and head home.  I'm trying not to think about that just yet.  I'm trying to sit back, with a smile on my face, and soak up every last minute.... no fretting and frowning about what my Sunday will look like....
Nope, just enjoying the cuteness of the big kids huddled together for the trip to Grandma's house as they play with painted shells that Addyson got for both of them at the seafood market!  Brad stopped to get one last round of fresh seafood and Addyson went in with him while I waited with the boys in the RV.  Any time anyone goes anywhere Addyson is going with!!!  If you don't take her she screams cries.  So, we've learned to just take her with and save the waiting parent the stress!  The lady working at the seafood market offered Addyson one of the shells and then Addyson asked,"Can I take one for my brother?"  Sweet girl is always thinking of Owen.  Then, she picked him out a Spiderman one knowing he is into Spiderman these days!  Love, love, love her heart!  Wish Owen was as grateful.....he was eyeing her Sponge Bob shell and wanted it.... cried because he didn't have THAT one!  Trying to explain how to be grateful to a crying 4.5 year old is a bit .... challenging.... somehow they worked it out.... Addyson made a game out of it and the trip was able to continue tear-free!
After a quick nap, we made it to Grandma and Grandpa's house!!!  Grandpa was out of town so the kids soaked up their time with Grandma!!!  Her toys, her new house, and her company!!!  See Addyson's hat???  She is very proud of that hat!  She found it this morning as we were packing up the RV in a bag of hand-me-downs from Lucy!  She hugged the bag and said, "I Love my new clothes!!!"  and the hat, she wore it everywhere and told everyone, "Lucy gave me this hat!!!"  Guess her love of the hand-me-downs means I don't have to go clothes shopping for her this season!! : )
G & G's house has a great fossil searching area right behind them and Owen put the area to good use!!!  Hunting fossils with dad and then with Grandpa the next morning!!!  Grandma gave him a bag to put all of his treasures in and we came home with a lot of them!!!  Bag full of dinosaur teeth, TRex bones, and a snake skeleton.... love his imagination!
Addyson didn't want to hunt fossils but that was okay.  It just gave her and Grandma a chance to bond one-on-one!!!  And since I think Addyson is a mini Brad I'm wondering if there is an extra special bond between those two because of the connection.
G & G have two live-sized brass parrot statues!  The kids loved them!!!  I tried to get Grandma to give them to use to put beside our hot tub.... no luck... not yet anyway!
Speaking of parrots, Addyson is the parrot in our house!!!  She repeats EVERYTHING!!!!  Several times!!! Especially if Owen says it or does it!  She will not make any decisions on her own.  When I ask her what she wants to eat she'll turn to Owen and say, "What do you want Owie?"  OR she will wait for Owen to answer and then she will repeat what he says.... she is our.... or at least Owen's little parrot!
I really wanted to go take pictures of the kids and dog in the blue bonnets but we never made it. : (  The only ones we saw were along the highway and while some people were stopped to take pictures, I wasn't brave enough to get our crew out along the highway for pictures.  Instead, this picture of Shilo in the green grass will have to do for this trip!  Next time... blue bonnets are on our "to do" list!
After a quick overnight visit, we loaded back into the RV to head for home... trip is over. : (  In the RV came a bag full of stuff from Grandma's pantry.  You would think we don't feed our kids.  That, or Addyson is already a mini hoarder!  If Grandma offered it, Addyson took it!  Sweet potato, red pepper, Italian dressing packets, pistachios.... the pistachios I was thankful for!  It helped entertain the kids for about 30 minutes as they broke into each shell and then ate the meat!  I'm going to keep the bag in the RV for the next trip!!!
One of our last stops to stretch our legs was at a roadside fruit stand.... any of you have luck with those???  We didn't and now I'm turned off of all of them... please tell me this was a one time thing!  We spent $6 for a basket of peaches... that ended up being dry and gross, $6 for a basket of plums.... have were good, the other half were gross, and $5 for a basket of oranges.......I would have rather eaten out at that price!!!  How can you tell the fruit is good before you leave???  How do you know peaches are not dry... they looked so good... and I was SO wrong!  Not sure we'll be stopping at one again unless you tell me there is still hope!
Owen ate 3 good plums.... and he loved them!!!  I guess that made the stop worth it!  
We had a 9 hour drive home and it was great!  Kids did SO good!  I have to say that we are now spoiled to RV travel!!!  The ease of getting to the kids, feeding them (nursing Ethan), entertaining them, and then getting them ready for bed before we get home to make the transition to home and bed much easier was SO nice!!!  I'm not sure what I/ we are going to do on our next van road trip.... makes spending the extra gas money on the RV SO worth it!!!  We made it home at 9:15 and everyone was in bed asleep by 10!!!  After 11 days on the road, we are home!!!  Home sweet home!!!  Thanks for following our adventure!  I'm looking forward to our next trip and blogging about it!!!  We said that at the end of this trip we'd either LOVE RVing or HATE it and would be listing the RV for sale Monday.... there will be no sale sign going up.... we LOVE it!!!!  Until next time.....

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