Thursday, March 29, 2012

He's Ready

So, turns out my baby isn't really a baby any more.  He doesn't want to sleep all day, he isn't content staying in his car seat too long, he doesn't want to lay on the floor and play with toys for hours on end.  No,
he's ready to be a big baby and graduate to an exersaucer!  Yep, he's ready.  More than ready and... I had no idea!  I had thought about the exersaucer and how "one day" I should get it out.  He is 5 months... that is still too young, right?  I mean, he is still small, frail, can't hold himself up, he'll have more fun rolling around on the floor, at least that is what I thought.
Until last night when I was at the gym.  I went to do Zumba and put the kids in childcare giving the workers specific instructions for them to put the baby where no one could get in his face (RSV is/was going around).  Then, halfway through call, I peaked in on them and saw they put E in their exersaucer.... and he was happy..... I walked back to my spot with tears in my eyes.... and I was mad and sad all at the same time!
How dare they put him in an exersaucer for his first time???  That was for ME to do!  I wanted to document it.  I wanted to be there for his first time.... that's one of the reasons I enjoy staying home... I'm there for almost all of the "first" moments.  Not this one.  Oh, I was SO sad!  Then I got really mad at them.  It wasn't their right to take that from me!  Not only that but, him being in the exersaucer also meant that there were three little girls in his face!!!  See, they shouldn't have done that!!! Then I was super mad that I left my phone in the car.... no pictures of this first moment.  Ugh!!!!
"Hey, what's this???"
Then, I calmed down.  I had to.  I had to look at the bright side!  What else was there to do?  This moment has happened and is over... now, find the good in it.  I quickly realized that these girls were telling me something about my baby that I didn't want to acknowledge.... he's ready.... he's big... he's not a tiny baby any more that is happy to lay around on the floor.
Nope!  He's ready.  He wants to be up.  He wants to stand.  He wants to be active.  Just look at his legs, this picture.  It is blurry because he is moving!  Happy.  Dancing!!  He says, "Finally!  Finally my mom knows I'm ready for this!  I'm big!"
So, I put my anger and sadness aside and told myself that I could go home and recreate this moment and that it would still be special!  And it was!!!  Even Owen noticed!  He saw our exersaucer and said that ours was different than the one at the gym!  And, it is!  It has more stuff!  Lots of stuff!!
Things I didn't even think Ethan would notice but, he did!!!  He turned himself around.  He saw everything!  He played with everything!!  He even tried to eat everything!!!!  He kept going back to the globe, one of the only tall play toys that doesn't bend forward, and he would get SO frustrated that he couldn't put it in his mouth!  he would try. He would pull, give up, move on, and then go back and try again!  He was ready for this toy.  Honestly, I think I knew he was ready but, I didn't know how ready!  I didn't know he would figure out how to turn around and play with everything all at one time.  My baby is growing up!
Do you know what else he is ready for?!?!  Take a look!!!  See the air/space under his belly?!?!  This boy is ready to crawl!!!  He is getting up on his knees!!!  At 5.5 months old he can make a tee pee shape with his body and then he pushes off his toys and lunges forward!  He also rolls around, reaches, and somehow manages to make it all around.  Now, he is showing me that he is ready to crawl.  He is ready.... am I????

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