Monday, March 26, 2012

Home & Winner

We are home, unpacking, and adjusting to life off of the road!  It is weird to eat breakfast without the wind blowing in my hair and sun shining on my face!  It was weird to sleep last night not pressed up against a wall.  I went to bed thinking I felt the bed rocking... kind of like having sea legs!  I woke up in the middle of the night not knowing where I was.  Today, I'm sad to be home and unpacking.  Is that weird?  Most people are happy to get home after a vacation.  Not me, not this vacation.
11 Days on the Road
5 days in Port Aransas
5 different cities visited in Texas- McKinney, Austin, San Antonio, Port Aransas, and Georgetown
2 nights "camping" in the driveway of family
1 night boon docking
9 hours was the longest stretch of driving hours
2 "keeper" fish caught
3 Happy kids full of wonderful memories
1 tired puppy who matured as a successful family pet
1 metal Hog that now sits at our front door
2 Happy parents
1 time of me saying, "We do NOT put black beans in our nose" as we almost had to take Addyson to the hospital when she was crying at dinner that there was a black bean in her nose!  I didn't believe her, I couldn't see it.  I had her blow her nose, told her it was gone (hoping it was), and kept eating my dinner.  She screamed.  I knew then that there must really be a bean in her nose... really?!?  Seriously???  Yep, I laid her on my lap, looked up her nose, and saw a black bean!  I never thought I'd say those words but, I did!  Yep, I said, "We do NOT put black beans in our nose".  #thingsmothersofkidssay
And One bell pepper eaten when we got home that I swore would not be eaten... at least not plain at the kids' pretend birthday party!  Who would have thought?!?!  Not me!!!  At least it kept them occupied while we unpacked the RV... which, I'm sad to say.... is still not completely unpacked.... : (
You know what else I never imagined????  A successful Giveaway!!!!  Yep, the last thing on my recap of this week is ....
1 successful gDiaper giveaway
64 new followers!
Thank you to everyone who entered, shared your favorites, blogged about it, followed me, and liked gDiapers on Facebook!  Thanks to one momma, I have a new favorite that they no longer make ...gCamper.  I had fun reading all of the comments and reading some of your blogs!  I hope you have had as much fun reading mine and I hope you continue to check in with me!!!  We are always up to something fun!
Now, to end the suspense.....
Congratulations to Jennifer over at Hollands on the Hill who wrote: You know I love the gDiapers! :) And I am in need of some size large ones so I can build my stash for Jade.

I am already follower of yours, and I just "liked" gDiapers on Facebook.

My favorite diaper color is actually the glacier blue. I love the pink ones too, but we already have some of those! We use the biodegradable inserts at nighttime (doubled up) and organic cotton cloth inserts during the day. They are so, so easy

Thanks for the idea of doubling up at night!!!  I know Jade is going to look so cute in her new gs!!!  Enjoy!

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