Saturday, March 10, 2012

Isabella's Birthday

This morning we got to go to Isabella's birthday party!!!  It was a NICE distraction to keep us occupied until daddy came home!!  She had her party at the Boys and Girl's club, they rented a room, and Ms. Jules from Shakey's Bugs came to entertain the kids!!!
Look at these sweet friends!!!  I love watching the relationships between my kids and their friends blossom into a friendship that they have because of a mutual love and respect for eachother and it is no longer a friendship just because their moms are friends.
And you know how I know???  Just look at them!!!  Almost always standing side-by-side and checking in with eachother and/or holding hands!!!  I just love to sit back and watch!
We love Ms. Jules, we have been going to her since Addyson was Ethan's age!!! The kids now her songs and can dance and sing along with her!!  "If you are happy and you know then your face will surely show it!!!!"  Can you tell they are happy?!?! : )
Can you tell what the theme is???  Hello Kitty!  Birthday party themes is a HUGE topic at our house!  Every day the kids like to talk about what kind of birthday party they are going to have!  This is the first year that I am going to have my kids help me plan their party.  I am trying to gently steer them in a direction I prefer while making it look like they choose it... is that wrong?  Owen asked for a Spiderman birthday party but, he doesn't even watch Spiderman so doesn't that seem weird???  It must be a little boy thing at his age.  I'm trying to guide him to Cars or Toy Story since those are things he likes AND watches.  That's okay isn't it?
As soon as we were done singing , Addyosn was ready to dig in!!  I had to hold her back so Isabella could be the first person to get a cupcake since it was HER birthday!
See how I juggle it all! : )  Someone took a picture of me with my crew and I had to post it!  I am delicately balancing a wiggly baby hoping he doesn't squirm off my lap as I try to wipe icing off of Owen's face and wipe Addyson's runny nose!  I'm make this single parent of 3 thing look good, don't I?!?! : )
Sweet thing... always has crazy hair!!!  That is one thing I am not good at yet... getting everyone's face washed and hair tamed down before we leave.  I tell myself every day, as I sit back and look at my crazy crew as they play with their friends, that tomorrow will be different and I will remember to brush hair.  I've yet to make that happen!  I did try though!  Once we got to the club I took some water and tried to smooth her hair down.... didn't work!  I hope when she is older and a total diva that she isn't made at me for all of her childhood pictures with crazy hair!!!
Happy Birthday Isabella!!!
Can you believe that the next birthday we are going to have is little Miss Addyson turning 3?!?!  I can't!

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