Thursday, March 22, 2012

Last Morning in Port A

We were suppose to be leaving Port A this morning and I'm SO glad we decided to change our plans!!!  Having a morning of rain left us feeling like we were missing out on a whole day!  Today we more than made up for it!!!
For a mini adventure for the the kids AND adults, we rented a golf cart for the whole day!!!  It was SO much fun!!!  Golf carts are not allowed at Pioneer RV park.... boo : (.... but, we didn't let that stop us from having fun, we didn't want to drive it around the RV park anyway!  It just meant that we had to park it at the other end of the boardwalk when loading and unloading at nap time.
Our sweet neighbor drove Brad to go pick it up at 8am this morning (she overhead us talking about Brad riding his bike into tow.... hard not to overhear with our campers SO close!!!  She is getting to hear me "parent" all day and night too!!! ; ) ).  We were loaded up by 8:30 for a beautiful drive on the beach!!!  It takes about 15 minutes to drive to town....and at times it can be a bumpy ride but, so much fun!
Once we got to town we looked for a breakfast.  We found the perfect spot for us thanks to the Yelp app on my phone... if you don't have that you have it get it.... especially if you travel a lot!  We found a breakfast that reminded us for our favorite spot back home, Briar Rose.
After breakfast we loaded back up and headed back to the marina for a bit of fishing....
and dolphin watching!!!
Funny story- Owen was fishing and a wave crashed against the rock and O took off out of there.  I couldn't figure out where he was going so fast.... then I figured it out... he thought the splash was a dolphin coming up right next to him and he was scared.  That means he was done fishing and was now going to sit back... at a safe distance... and stick next to me to watch for the dolphins... and make sure they weren't going to jump up and get us any time soon!
This morning was beautiful!!!  Not too breezy!  Just right!  And I just sat back and took it ALL in!!!  Little E was sound asleep so I got to spend some good one-on-one time with O talking about everything we were seeing!
While we were doing that, Brad and A were getting some good one-on-one time while they went up to the pier to see what everyone was catching.
Once Owen heard there were fish being caught he left me to go see... that left me all alone.... peace, quiet, and sun... where I could watch my kids having fun... from a distance!!!  My kind of spa day!!!
Then.... a HUGE boat was coming through and dolphin watchers told me to get ready for a show!!!  I was thankful for the head's up!!!  I told Brad to get the kids and we all watched as 3 dolphins jump over and over again in front of the boat!!!  It was so exciting!
All of the excitement must have woken little man up!!!  He wanted to know what he was missing out on!  I was doing a self shot with Ethan with my camera turned around and a nice lady offered to take our picture for me.... it isn't often I am in the shot without me doing it by myself!  I wish she would have taken a couple so I could choose and not have E making this funny face but, I'll take what I can get!
One thing Brad kept hearing over and over again from the guys on the pier is, "Enjoy this time!"  "Savor this time."  "You are making life long memories with your kids!"  I agree!  There are stressful moments but, we are trying to savor it all..... I watch my baby girl with her brother and daddy, wanting to do like the big kids do now, and it seems like just yesterday she was born... just yesterday she was fishing with a fake fish.... just yesterday she was learning to walk..... now, if a few short weeks, she will be 3 and she is doing like the big kids and fishing with the big boys!  And every day, I'm trying to wake up and remind myself to "Enjoy this time!"
Speaking of enjoying time, we were really enjoying our time with the golf cart!!!  We could quickly load up and change locations and try to see as much as we could in our last morning!   After the pier, we headed to Texas A & M's wetlands education center.  Another must see in Port A!
Inside they have some aquariums set up, educational things about what our garbage is doing to the wildlife, and a few skeletons of large marine mammals!
They also had discovery boxes set up where the kids had to stick their hand inside, feel what was in there, and then try to guess what it is!!!
Even Ethan really enjoyed this stop!!!
After you look around inside, you can head outside to walk their grounds and learn more!  They have lots of signs set up with good information!  If you are looking for something to do in the evenings they show educational movies and on Thursday nights they have a free lecture!
The kids were getting tired so we jumped in our cart and headed back up the beach for nap time ( a quick nap so we can head back into town and get as much use out of the cart as possible).  The bumpy road after a long morning almost put Addyson to sleep... and it did put Ethan to sleep! : )  What a fun last morning!

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