Thursday, March 22, 2012

Last Trip into Town

Little Ethan woke up while walking back to the RV from the golf cart.... then he didn't want to fall back asleep.  He thought his 15 minute was good enough!  We finally got him to sleep but then the clock was fast approaching 3 and the cart had to be back by 6.  Again, thanks to our neighbor, she picked us up at the cart store so we didn't have to factor 30 minutes of driving time when returning the cart.  We wanted to make the most out of our last 3 hours so we woke up all the kids at 3 and headed out!!!
Normally, the two big kids are slow to wake up, much like me, but not today!!!  The excitement of the afternoon put smiles on their faces!  We sort of missed lunch this morning after our big breakfast so the first stop on our list was lunch/dinner.  We went to Fins since it sits right on the water of the marina.  The scenery was beautiful but that is about all I'll brag about.  The food wasn't great and it was pricey (which we knew it would be since we are paying for the location).  I would rather eat great food and then go sit on a bench by the water than pay a high price for ok food just to see water from my table.  But, that's me!
I heard you could see sea turtles by the Jetty so that is where we headed after eating! The Jetty is a great fishing spot and turns out you can see dolphins ( not tonight) AND sea turtles there!!!  I'm so bummed we are just now discovering this place!!!  Next trip I have a feeling we'll be spending a lot of time here!!  I think this would be a great spot for the kids to fish and it should be easy fishing!
We didn't bring the fishing poles into town this time so Owen didn't have anything to distract him!!  He sat with me (while I nursed E) and helped me look for sea turtles!!!
And we found some!!!  It was SO exciting... at least for me it was!  The locals probably thought I was crazy as I yelled for Brad to take a picture!  These little critters are quick, not up for long, which makes it hard to get a good picture.  Again, we didn't have much time to sit and wait.  Next time I know where I'll be hanging out for a while!!!
With an hour left we jumped back in the cart and headed out!  Have I mentioned the ease of traveling this way???  No car seats to get in and out of.  No doors to shut.  Nothing to lock up.  Just jump in and go (we do buckle up).  In case you are wondering, I wear Ethan in a sling to keep him a bit contained and safe.
The kids wanted chocolate ice cream for their last surprise of the trip....
And they wanted to eat it at the shark we played at the other day.  So, after Brad got them a shark tooth necklace from one store (which is where we are waiting and having a photo shoot), we headed over to play at the shark for 5 minutes before turning our cart in and ending our last trip into town!  I'm sad to leave this place.  Brad and I have been dreaming about what we would do if we moved here.  What business could we open.  Would we live in our RV?  Could we stand the summer heat?  We are always dreaming!  I'd love to be adventuresome and go for it but, we have 3 kids to feed so we have to be a bit cautious.  I think, for now, we'll stick to our RV trips and our grand adventures and enjoy the memories we make this way!

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