Thursday, March 1, 2012

Look Who's on a Roll

Ethan has gotten really close to rolling over!  Last weekend on our camping trip I found him several times in the above position just hanging out.  I wasn't sure if I could officially say he was rolling over since he was just laying there and not getting his arms out from under him.  But, it was close enough to rolling over that I knew I had to be careful not to lay him at the edge of beds or couches anymore!
 This morning he was playing on the ground with his ball and it rolled away from him...
 Not done playing with the ball, he rolled over to get it!!!
And then pushed up!!!  Does this count as rolling over?!?!  He is 4 months and 3 weeks old!
No more just setting him down anywhere when I need to run off and help one of the older two!  Now I need to carefully sit him some place safe and where he cannot roll over and get hurt.  Life just got a bit more interesting at this house..... in more ways than one but I'll have to fill you in on the other excitement later!!! ; )  Stay tuned!

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