Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Morning in Port Aransas

This morning was a bit rocky.... literally!  It has been storming since early morning and our RV was rocking back and forth, it felt like the wind was gonna make us take flight at any moment.  While Brad and I laid awake, I was thankful that all three kids were sleeping through it!  3am was too early to get up!!!
It was a cold rain too, too cold to send the kids outside to play in it.  I was the one that took Shilo potty this morning and I couldn't make him go fast enough!!!  About the time we were all going a bit stir-crazy in this 30 foot space, I called "shower time" and we all loaded up and headed to the showers!!!  That got us out of the RV and getting ready for our day.
Then, right before major meltdown time, the sun was coming out and we left to catch the 10am shuttle that goes into town.  We just heard about this last night!  There is a "trolley" (really a small bus) that starts at our campsite on the hour every hour and goes throughout Port A.  You can ride it for a quarter!  That's a steal!  Plus, all of our kids are small enough to ride for free!!!  Since the beach was too wet, a day in town was just what we needed!
First stop, lunch!!!  How about shrimp on a stick!!!  : )
We found a great restaurant called Beaches!!!  If you are in Port A you've gotta go!  I heard there are two Beaches... this one is on Beach Street.  It's sister restaurant is Port A brewery!  The food was delicious!!!  They even have a bakery with lots of yummy desserts and a cinnamon roll that looks amazing!!!  Look at this yummy chocolate cookie sandwich the kids split for dessert!!  It was a little surprise for them... can you tell O is excited to see it show up?!?!
They also have lots of beers on tap from several breweries from all over Texas!!!  It was so fun to sample some of them!
I think this is how we all felt after a yummy lunch!!! : )
"Hey Mom, when am I gonna get some of that???"
After lunch we headed out on foot... we weren't sure where we were going but, we knew we'd find something to do/buy along the way.  The trolley driver told us to take a left out of the restaurant and we'd find her along that street and to just wave her down to get her to stop when we were ready.  So, left we headed!!!  Along the way we found a seafood market!  We were hoping to find fresh seafood along the Gulf but the big shrimp boat was all sold out.  That's okay, we found what we were looking for here!  Looks like we'll be having shrimp for dinner after all!!!
The driver had told us about a C.A.N.D.Y store... she was hip enough to spell it out for us... she has grandchildren!!! ; )  We stumbled along it on our walk!  Just like most business here in Port A, and other tourists towns, they had one of those signs with the heads cut out of a funny scene.  I think my kids are a bit confused... see Addyson on the other side of O... They either thought it was to play peek-a-boo OR they were fighting over who go to stand at that hole and what side they were going to pose on.... I'll choose the peek-a-boo option since this was a fun trip and I'm sure there was NO fighting today!
Then I told them where we were headed (inside the candy store) once I got a picture.... I've never seen those kids make a decision SO fast, pose, and smile!  Awww.... gotta love a simple bribe statement of where we are headed next!
This candy store is a must if you are in Port A!!!  I've never seen anything like it!  Everything is in bins... and open!!!  SO many choices too!!!  While I looked around in amazement and made my yummy selections, I left Brad to keep his eyes on the big 2 (mainly A) and make sure they weren't putting their hands in every bin and sampling along the way!
We are not big candy eaters in this house.  Actually, most of the candy gotten at birthday parties and candy giving holidays goes to waste.  So, the fact that each kid got to get their own bag "full" (1/8th full) of candy AND got to eat it ALL was a HUGE treat!  We are on vacation.... treats all around!!!  As soon as we got out of the candy everyone wanted to check everyone else's bag!  What a fun treat!
Next we headed across the street, drawn to the HUGE shark that you can walk through!  It was in front of one of those t-shirt shops, you know, the one (or 20 should I say) that are in every tourist town.  We let the kids play in the shark... and burn off the sugar, while we waited for the trolley.  We knew the trolley should be coming our way soon and we didn't want to miss it... it was nearing 2pm... way past nap time so it was either now or wait until 3... Yikes!  I'm proud to say that while we waited, I nursed Ethan on the top step (also at the tail end of the shark) and watched the kids play... I'm sure the rest of the Spring Breakers loved that!
The last purchase, at the shark store, were two long nets... Brad got just one and I sent him in for another... we are at the stage now where each kid needs one if it is something they will both like.... I'm still kicking myself for not getting two guitars in SA... not gonna make that mistake again!  Whew!!  What a day!  We didn't make it all through Port A however, what we did see was really cute!  We had a great morning!  Now I need a nap!

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