Sunday, March 18, 2012

Morning in SA and Headed to Port A

This morning is our last morning in San Antonio and then we are parting with the Austin Brewster and headed to Port Aransas!  The past two mornings we have all slept in until 8am!!! That is a HUGE improvement from the 5:30 wake up call at home.  Do I need to camp every day with the kids or just keep them up until 9:30pm???  I told Holly we wake up early so to be ready for us to pick them up first thing in the morning!  When I texted her at 8am to say we just woke up she said they were dressed and ready for us... Oop!  But, I'll take sleeping in any day over rushing around to get ready before the sun is up!
This morning we headed back to the King William area for breakfast.  We found a great place along the river and the 30 minute wait quickly passed as the kids played outside in the huge grassy area and looked for bugs!!  I'm getting use to all of this outside time!!  Going out to eat has become "easy".... no waiting for a table inside in a small space where the kids are crazy before we sit down!  And, having cousins to  play with has also helped with eating out.  Glad I got my fill in on this trip!
We ate at the Guenther House which use to be the home of the Pioneer Flour Mill and its founding family!  The place was beautiful and the food was AMAZING!!!  This was my favorite breakfast place!  One of the specials today was Eggs Benedict and they were delicious!!!  They also have yummy pancakes and waffles!
Not convinced you should try it yet..... check out this gigantic cinnamon roll that is bigger than the plate and big enough for 8 of us to share as an appetizer before our meal came!!!  If you come here, you've got to start with the cinnamon roll!!!
We wanted to go back to El Mercado to do some more shopping but the festival was still going on so it was hard to find parking..... yesterday we parked down the street where we ate and then walked there.  We wanted to buy the metal hog and Holly wanted to get guitars for her kids so we dropped Holly and Brad off while Chris and I drove around with the kids.  They were able to run in and out in as much time as it would have taken us to park.  We were pushed for time since check-out is 11am and we had asked for an extended check-out to noon and it was 30 minutes before noon and we still had to pack up and unhook.  It all worked out!  While we packed up the big cousins had a jam session!  They are SO cute together!  I'm excited that we will be seeing them again in a few short weeks!
The drive to Port A was easy!  The kids napped the whole way and woke up just in time to see the water!!!  Yay, we are here!!!  "Mom, look at all those people fishing!"  "The guy on the bridge caught a fish!!"  Owen couldn't contain himself!  He was calling out everything he saw!  This poor guy has been asking to fish since we left town on Wednesday!  Finally, we are here in Port A where we told him he could fish and he is ready!
We found our spot and quickly set up shop!  What an experience it is to drive through a RV campground where everyone is set up!  When we camped a month ago it was still early in the season and there were not many campers.  Here, there are TONS of campers and everyone has signs, decorations, dogs, bikes.... you name it, they have it.  It didn't take long before Owen asked if we could put our Hog out!  So glad we bought that!  Now I know we have to get a sign and more decorations for next time!!!!  The past couple of days we got to use our RV as a bedroom as we spent most of our time` in SA away from it.  It was our $39 a night hotel room!  These next 5 days will be using our RV to camp and we are excited!
Brad got us a "premium" site where we are not in the rows and rows of campers.... we have a bit of green space around us for the kids and dog to play!.  Turns out that there is also a little pond behind us!  You know what that means.... FISHING!!!!  Finally!!!
The big kids marched over to the pond and started casting!  They didn't catch anything but they had fun just being out there!  So glad we could let this guy fish right away!
We are in Port Aransas and SO glad to be here!!!

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