Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Morning of Fishing

Yesterday morning, when we were riding the trolley through Port A to get to our restaurant, we drove past the marina and heard this was a good place to fish, watch dolphins, and play (there is a great playground).  We knew we needed to spend a whole morning there!
So this morning we got ready and got together all of our fishing and caught the trolley for the first trip of the day!  We got to the marina about ten after ten and dad and O started fishing right away!!!!
Addyson was going to stay back with Ethan and I until she saw what they were doing and soon hanging out with mom on the bench didn't seem so fun!!!  "Wait for me, guys!!!"
Addyson has been "fishing" with this rod for a year now!  It has had a fake fish on the end of it and she has been happy with that.  Not any more!!!  She got a shrimp out of the bucket and took it to Brad and told him that she wanted that on the end of her rod!!!  No more pretending for this big girl!!!!
At first, Brad was hesitant to cut off her fake fish and put a hook at the end of her line.... hooks are a bit scary and when she is use to doing all sorts of crazy "stunts" with her pole and not having to worry about a hook on the end, this was going to be an adjustment for all of us!  However, she is ready and I'm glad we did it!!  She was SO proud to be fishing with the big kids!!
And SO happy to be fishing like her big brother and fishing with him!!!
While they were fishing, I nursed Ethan to sleep and laid him in the stroller.  Do you know how peaceful it is to nurse your baby while watching dolphins?!?!?  It was So amazing!!  I just sat in the warm sun, listened the sounds of the sea, and enjoyed the down time!  This is what I call vacation!!!
They weren't having much luck catching up on the big pier.  We don't have the BIG surf fishing saltwater rods, just little fresh water rods so it was a bit harder to get a good cast.  We moved closer to the actual marina where the pier was a bit closer to the water and the first cast out BOTH boys caught a fish at the same time!!!  Now we are in business!!!
Brad caught this unique fish with all of these teeth.  Anyone have any idea what it is??? We never caught another one like it....
This brown pelican kept a close eye on our fishing adventures.  I think s/he was hoping for an easy meal!!!  Not only did I enjoy watching the dolphins, I also enjoyed watching all of the different water birds.  Watching them fly, dive into the water, come up with a HUGE fish in its mouth, and the tilt its head back and swallow it whole!  Wow!
Owen pretty much does his own thing while he fishes... Addyson is usually just playing around... today was different.  He was keeping an eye on her and I think it is because he knew shew as fishing for real!  At one point she said she needed help casting it and Owen quickly jumped on the opportunity to go help her out!  It was really sweet!
And his help (or daddy's) must have work!!!  Addyson caught her first fish and got to reel it in ALL by herself!!!!  She was saying, "I'm catching the hugest fish ever!"  Prior to this she was saying she was going to catch a shark or a dolphin!!!  I think we are all happy she didn't catch either!
Addyson's first fish!!!!  She was SO proud!!!  And so were the rest of us!
Owen didn't want to be left out of catching a "first fish" so he talked about catching "my other first fish" : )
She had so much fun that she threw it back and went fishing again!  She ended up catching 5 more!!!  Owen also caught 6 fish!  What a fun morning!!
All of that fishing made us work up an appetite!!  We walked to a restaurant that came recommended by my sister-in-law... we almost didn't make it, the kids were hungry and tired of walking that we almost choose a closer restaurant.  I'm glad we didn't!!!  I know HIGHLY recommend this restaurant if you go to Port A!!  Beach & Station St. Grill is amazing!!!  I must have been making a lot of "mmmmm" sounds as I ate because at one point Brad looked over at me and asked, "Are you alright?"  Hahaha!!!  We started out with the portobello mushroom and avocado salad with homemade blue cheese dressing... amazing! I'm a new blue cheese fan and this was unbelievable!  The whole salad was great!  The kids got fish and chips and I've never had fish that good!!!  Brad and I split a seafood boil!  It was so good I could go there again for dinner!  We will be going back there next time we are in Port A!!!

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