Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Packing Up

Departure day is nearing!!!  I can't believe it!  This is the day we have been dreaming about for years and it is almost here!  It amazes me how when you first dream about something it feels like that dream will never get here and then... before you know it, you are living out that wish!
The excitement is overwhelming.... and so is the task of packing up!!!  Packing for 5 people and a dog for 10 days seems a bit daunting!!!  Where do I begin?  And I already have a problem of overpacking that I am trying to work on.  Having a big RV with lots of cabinets and compartments to fill isn't helping my issue!  I have NO weight limit to stay under.  What is helping is that I remind myself that almost everything (besides food) that I haul in to the RV, I have to turn around 10 days later, when I am completely exhausted, and haul out AND I'll probably be doing it alone since Brad has to go to work... but I won't think about that now!

I tried to spend Tuesday getting as organized as possible and getting laundry done (no trips to the laundromat).  Then this morning I dropped off the kids at school and I had all morning to run around and get ready.  Ethan ended up sleeping the WHOLE morning!  Thanks Buddy!!  You must have known momma needed the time!  While I was busy and sweating, the kids were at school having a blast!  Addyson's class had a Teddy Bear Tea Party planned!
 And Owen's class was having pirate and princess day!!!  What a fun way to kick off Spring Break!!
Back at home I was working, filling up one laundry basket at a time with only (ok, not ONLY) essentials and take that the loads out one at a time so I can put everything where it belongs and try to stay as organized as possible, which is a BIG deal for me!  I did really good until 30 minutes before departure when I ran through the house and grabbed a bunch of small things that I remembered last minute that I or the kids couldn't live without!  Only 30 minutes of grabbing and stuffing.... not bad!  Next trip I'll try to take it down to 15 minutes of g & s!!!
Then we were ready!  It was time!  Exciting!  We drove the camper to school to pick up the kids and head out!  They were SO exicited to be pick up in their camper bus and show their friends!  It was cute!  Now, we are ALL packed up kids, clothes, food, and other essentials and We Are Off!!!  Wish us luck and keep up with us to see how we are doing!  Full Speed Ahead!

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