Thursday, March 22, 2012

Photo Shoot

Hello, my name is Ambre and I have a major slight obsession with taking pictures of my kids!!!  To make matters worse I found out that an evening at the beach makes for GREAT pictures.  So good, that I actually thought I might be a aspiring photographer.... crazy, right?!?!  The sun was perfect and my "eye" was spot on tonight.... SO beware of what you are going to see...... 30 amazing pictures of my kids!!! : )
Proceed with caution.... you were warned!!!  I don't have much to say about each picture but I will kick off this post with a mini introduction.  After our neighbor dropped us off we immediately changed over into swim suits and headed out.... didn't want to miss a second of our last evening!  The weather is great, I'm just worried about the wind in E's ear and the sun so I have him covered up.  I'm also a little paranoid about the sand fleas after I saw some yesterday which is why you will not see any pictures of E playing in the sand... and which is why you will not see any pictures of the dog... I do not want to take sand fleas home withe us!!
Other than that, the night picked up right where we left off yesterday!!!  O had so much fun that he went to bed AND woke up asking when we were going to go to the beach next!
 And tonight he didn't waste one second before running in!!!
 Ok, turns out I'm a little obsessed with capturing the perfect " running in the water scene"
Can you tell???
 Addyson was ready to get in but she wanted someone to run with her so she got her daddy in on the fun.
She was loving her daddy time!!!  It is SO nice being with him for 2 weeks straight!!!  This little girl was eating that up!
 Then it was time to wave jump!!!!  Look how high I can jump!
 Ethan didn't like sitting in the wagon while we were all having fun so I got him out to go look at the water!  Thanks Honey for picking up the camera and getting a shot!  I'd hate for Ethan to read the blog book 20 years from now and wonder why he was always left out!  See E, you weren't!! ; )
Now it was time for me to capture the perfect "running in the water" shot with Addyson!
I love her smile here!!!  She was trying to run to me quickly so I couldn't take a picture!  She'd run up right next to me to avoid the camera!  Little stinker!
 Ok, now it is time to get serious!!!  I saw how good the pictures were turning out and then I was on a mission to get "perfect" close-ups of all the kids to frame.  I got a lot of good ones.... now, how do I pick just one????
 Do you have a favorite???
 If so,
 which one???
 Help me choose, please!!!
 Beautiful baby
 Look, you can't even tell that he is fussing because it is past his bedtime and he wants me to take him back to the RV and put him to bed!  Nope, that's how good my "eye" is tonight!! ; )
 And then it was Addyson's turn....
 this took a bit more work because she did NOT want to look at the camera!
 Nope, wasn't going to cooperate!
 So, I bribed her....
 with a gummy bear...
 then I got lots of cute faces to choose from....
 and then she was done!!
And so I am... or should I say... so was Brad who was tired of trying to get the kids to pose for me while holding a tired Ethan.... and so, that was my rather successful photo shoot!!!  Now to choose which ones to frame!  If you have a vote let me know!!!  And thanks for humoring me and making it to the end of this post!!

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