Friday, March 16, 2012

Picking Up Family

We are in Austin and thankful to be here.....
Even if Owen doesn't look thrilled!  I promise, for the most part, he is!  Chris and Holly's friends were having a potluck dinner that happened to fall on the night of our last minute visit! It was great!  Especially since we know most of their friends and the last time they saw me I was pregnant with Ethan!  Now, they got to meet our cute boy in person!!!  There were lots of kids to play with and our kids jumped right in on the fun.... until there wasn't enough cups to go around for the tea party and Owen didn't want to share a cup with someone... then the party wasn't so fun.  I distracted him with the chickens!!!  The owners of this house had a GREAT chicken yard with 3 of the most spoiled chickens ever in it!  Owen has been asking for chickens and I'd love to get some but, with our newest purchase of this RV I'm not sure if we'll be home enough to care for them.  We'll just admire other's for now!
After the potluck we headed back to Chris and Holly's to spend the night!  Using the RV in another way!!  In the short month we have owned it we have now used it many ways; an office for Brad, overnight camping, boon docking, and now as an extra bedroom when we visit family!  It was nice because we didn't have to bring in our suitcases for the night.  We just got ready for bed in the RV and then came in to the house in the morning to shower and get ready for the day.... we still don't have hot water.... wonder if we'll ever figure it out!
After everyone was ready we headed out for our weekend adventure!  We are headed to San Antonio with the "Austin Brewsters"!!!  Chris, Holly, and Simon drove in their van hoping Simon would nap and we followed behind!  Owen and Addyson got to show Lucy all of the perks of traveling in a RV!!!  First up, movie and snacks!  For some reason, we are not sure if it is safety or wiring, our tv system doesn't work while we drive so I have to use my laptop to show a movie.  Any ideas how to get our tv to work while we drive?  It is above Brad's head so it is not like he can watch it or be distracted by it while he is driving....
Addyson's attention span for a movie is about 30 minutes so while the big two finished watching the movie Addyson came over and hung out with me on the couch.  This is the first time we are traveling with the couch and table in place instead of two beds.  I like it!!!  The beds do give move space but I like to have a place to sit up properly and look out the window!
After the movie it was time for art!!!  The trick is keeping the markers from rolling all over the place!  I have a container with a non-slip bottom that I try to remind the kids to put their markers in in-between uses!  I have also made sure to only bring washable markers and crayons!!! : )
Finally, we made it!  We found our KOA in San Antonio and set up camp before heading out for the day!  The plan is to all load up in the Austin Brewsters van and drive that around.  Thankfully they have 2 extra big kid car seats and we have Ethan's with so we are all set!
Look Out San Antonio!!!!  Here the Brewsters come!!!

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