Thursday, March 1, 2012

Piled Up

A couple of weeks ago I had Ashley come over to help me go through the kids clothes and organized their closets.  While going through their close I realized they had SO many clothes they never wore that were now to small and so many clothes they hadn't worn but still fit.  What happens is I try to stay on top of the laundry and end up washing my favorite outfits and having them wear those again before any of their other clothes have a chance to prove to me that they are cute too!
So I came up with the idea to let the laundry pile up... and pile up it did!!!!  I think Owen even commented to Brad that it was time for mommy to do laundry since his dirty clothes no longer fit in his laundry basket!!! : )
I use to love doing laundry but that was when it was just me!!!  4 family members later and laundry is more of a chore!  I am a bit picky about how laundry is done and I don't like it to sit in the dryer for a long time much less sit around in a basket unfolded which seems to happen these days.  Halfway through a load someone needs something or we have to go some where and then the laundry sits around half done for a day....or two or three, and drives me crazy!
So I came up with the idea to do a HUGE laundromat visit like I did about this time last year.  I didn't do laundry for about a month (minus washing a few essentials once or twice) and I let it all pile up!  Then I waited for Brad to b home so he could help with the kids and I took advantage of the kids' school day and loaded up the car with everyone's baskets on Wednesday and headed to the laundromat!  Brad had to work so I dropped Ethan off at Nammie's house and I went to "work".  Man, was it work!!!!  I was sweating just loading and unloading the car!!!
 6 Huge laundry baskets turned out to be a lot of laundry!!!  I had this idea that I would start the washing and then get to rest before I had to switched all the laundry over to the dryers but that isn't the case.  By the time you get the last load started you have about 2 minutes to catch your breath before the first load is ready to be switched to the dryer!  And same with drying!  Once you have all of the clothes switched over to the dryers the first load is ready to be folded!!!
All in all, I filled 2 commercial washers (about 4 loads worth), 6 triple washers, and one single washer!  That's A LOT of clothes!!!  What I noticed, my kids have A LOT of pjs!!!!  Too many actually!  See, when I go shopping I always think we have a pj shortage so if I see pjs on sale I buy them!  Not the case!  Same with pants for Owen!  Would I do this again?!?!  Not sure! It is A LOT of work!  Let me remind you that I was sweating for most of the time!!!  It took me 9 washing machines, 3.5 hours at the laundromat, and $35 and that did not count the time it took to drop off and pick up Ethan, fold the socks, hang up the clothes we hang up, and put away ALL the clothes!!! I came home WAY TOO tired to put all the clothes away!  I managed to hang up everything and Brad made the beds and put away some but then it was time for dinner and the rest is history.  As I sit here a day later and type this up I am surrounded by baskets of folded clothes that need to be put away.  The up side, ALL the clothes are clean and it will just take about 5 minutes to put everything away!  And while the downside may seem like a lot of work, all in all it was about 5 hours of work and that many loads of laundry at home would take me much longer than that!  I think this will be easier when Ethan is not a baby and Brad can watch all of the kids and I don't have to worry about getting done in time to nurse the baby.  I also think that this sort of thing is a MUST if you are having the urge to go on a shopping spree!!!!  I was about to go to our local consignment sale and stock up for the kids and I quickly realized that my kids need NOTHING....... not even pjs...... thanks to our piles!!! : )

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