Saturday, March 10, 2012

Playing Halloween

There are so many fun holidays in our calendar year; Christmas, Easter, Halloween are a few of our favorites.... not to mention birthdays!  The kids are always asking, "When is it going to be fill in the holiday here again?"  "How many days?"  Waiting is SO hard!!!  It has to be that much harder for them not having a good concept of time and the anticipation of such a fun event can be too much to bare at times!!!  To help pass the time, they kids are pretend that they are celebrating one of their favorite holidays!  We have many birthday parties at our house and I can often hear the kids trick-or-treating in the hallway!  Can you guess what they were playing this morning???  "Mom, we are playing Halloween!"  Thankfully he hasn't asked for me to fill his bucket with real candy, the pretend candy works just fine!!!  And, it is better for their teeth and my waistline!!! ; )  Happy Halloween!!!

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