Thursday, March 1, 2012


Ethan loves to put any sort of cloth in his mouth.  He is always chewing on my shirt, his shirt, my hoodie string, his blanket.... you name it, if it is a soft cloth he is putting in his mouth and sucking away.
It helps sooth him and helps him go to sleep.  My kids don't take pacis and have never been huge on having a blanket or stuffed animal that they carry around even though I try to find something they will attach to... I know it would make life a bit easier for me at times.  When I noticed this about Ethan I went online and found an organic bamboo "blanket" that was on a wooden ring that he could hang on to and suck on as needed.  He loves it!  I try to take it with us everywhere so it is always available for him.
If he doesn't have it he quickly reverts to any blanket or shirt nearby so we are not in trouble if we forgot it, thank goodness!  But, I do prefer he chews on something I know is clean, has only his germs, and is organic!  Not only that but, it is small and I can let him lay down with it at nap time and he'll put himself to sleep and I don't worry about the blanket covering his nose and smothering him!  I love this little item because of its perfect size, texture, and quality!!  He loves his little Ringley because it is easy to hold on to and easy to get in his mouth!!

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