Wednesday, March 28, 2012


 When Addyson climbed into her car seat after school she looked SO super cute sitting there.  One of those moments when I look at that sweet face and she melts my heart!  Thankful she is mine!  Thankful for her cuteness to remind me how special she is to me.... she is my "trying" one and sometimes I think I focus on that too much and forget about all of her other qualities.... good qualities!!
Qualities that I know are going to make her a strong, independent, determined, and hard working young lady. Qualities I want my little girl to have!  However, these special qualities also make it harder for me to parent her!!! : )  But, these moments of cuteness more than make up for the harder times! So, I wanted to capture it... that look... that beauty.  My camera was right beside me so I got it out, without saying anything, and tried so hard to get that look....
 That cuteness!!! My little girl proudly holding her umbrella she made in class today.  I was hoping to have that look captured for eternity..... instead..... she saw the camera.....
and she did this.... in true Addyson fashion! : )
Did you see in the picture above that she was starting to make this wonderful face?
And just like that.... that sweet moment was gone and sassy Addyson was back!  Love my sassy girl!  It is a cute side too!

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