Saturday, March 3, 2012

Shilo's Playdate

Usually when we have people over it is for a playdate for the kids.  Not today.  The playdate was for Shilo (and me but, I'll talk about that later).
This is Bentley (Uncle Kellen's dog) and Shilo
They were not friends when they first met at Nammie's house last week.  Today, I think they formed a friendship!
Ms. Donna, who rescued Shilo, told me that he liked to play with other dogs but we haven't had a chance to see that yet.  I took him over to Nammie's last week hoping it would be a fun playdate and it ended up being a disaster.  Probably because we got the treats out and they ended up fighting over treats.  I was a bit heart broken, I wanted a social dog especially one that is social with other family dogs and it wasn't looking good.
Today was a different interaction and I think there was a minor factor this pleasant interastion.  NO treats!  Plus, we have a huge backyard that they spent an hour chasing each other and running around in.  After playing outside, where they had space to figure each other out, they came inside and continued their play.  It was so cute to watch and Shilo looked SO happy!  I think we are going to have Puppy Shields over for a playdate soon and hopefully while we are out camping Shilo will make puppy friends at the puppy playground!  And maybe afer reading how playful Shilo is, our neighbor Jennifer will bring her gang down for a playdate.... both furry and non-furry kids!!! : )  I'm not ready for another dog in the house for a permanent playmate just yet (despite Owen's comments that we need another doggie because we have always had two doggies in the house and now we have just one)... we'll stick to puppy playdates!

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