Saturday, March 10, 2012

Single Parent for 9 Days

What do you do when your husband goes to sunny Brazil for 9 days with work and leaves you at home with 3 kids, one of which nurses 3-4 times a night and also has a bad cough that prevents you from getting much sleep and another is a bit hard headed and is trying your patience because she misses her daddy.

You load your kids up in the car and drive some place different!!!  A change of scenery is always helpful to reset your buttons!!!  It helps if  the place you go 1) welcomes you, your 3 kids, and your untrained dog 2) has family or friends that can help you with your kids both caring for them and entertaining them!  At the beginning of the week I could tell that we were all getting on each other's nerves and a change would do us some good so, I called my cousin Dianne and asked if we could come.  They have been to our house several times recently so Owen and Addyson are very familiar with them and love to play with their younger son, August.  This fact is also helpful, the kid are very comfortable with my cousin and her family so there is no warm-up time needed!!!
She said, "Yes!  Come on!"  Now, after all is said and done, I wonder if the next time I ask she'll say "Ummmm. we are actually out of town!"  After the baby pooed his pants, Addyson asked for food for the 10th time in 30 minutes, Owen needed the tv turned on, and Shilo pooped on the floor she looked at me and asked, "Is your life always this crazy?"  Yes, yes it is!  This is normal... not just a treat for you so you feel extra sorry for me! : )  This is my crazy life...... and I wouldn't trade it for anything!!!
Instead of trading it in, I just find help in different forms so it is fun for all.  I just stay a couple of days so we don't wear out our welcome so next time I do call I will get another, "Yes!  Come!  It will be ..... fun!"  They might hesitate for a minute.... as they try to recall what it was like the last time my gang crashed their house..... but all they can remember is the overwhelming cuteness of my crew.... not the craziness of it all!!!
Part of the fun of being in a new town is there are new things to do and see!!!  Our first full day there was a cloudy, cold day so we had to find something inside to do.  We headed to the mall and go to go to an American Girl store for the first time!!!  Addyson and I were in awe!!!  It was amazing!  I'm in love.... and so is she!!!  We had recently been talking about birthday gifts so she took this cute double stroller filled with Bitty Twins and pushed it to the door to leave telling me, "I'll take this for my birthday!"  Nice, I wish it was that easy!  First Sister, it isn't your birthday!  And second, you have to pay for things... you don't get to just walk out with it when you like it!  Maybe she can save up her birthday money and we can head back to Kansas for a shopping trip!!!
We came home Friday night because we had a birthday party to go to Saturday morning and then I thought Brad would be home at noon, right after the party.  I found out Friday night that he wasn't getting home until 5:30.... I was bummed.  Brad tried to get me to see the bright side, "I'm coming home!" he said.  Yes, but as the final day comes I know the hours and minutes I have left of being a single parent and I plan our activities accordingly to keep me busy and when that is switched on me, it throws me for a loop!  5 hours might not seem like a long time when I've just gotten through 9 days but, it is more of a mental thing.  When your mind is already exhausted it doesn't recover well from surprise changes in the plan!!!  When travel is involved our plan always changes, delayed flights, missed flights, bad weather, you name it.  For this reason, I do not tell the kids when Brad is coming home.  When they ask I'll give a general statement.  I don't want them to be disappointed if he doesn't show up when he is suppose to and I don't want them to worry or ask me 100 times when he is going to come.  Instead, they know he is home when he walks through the door!!!  And boy, are they ever excited!!!!  It is cute to watch them!
I also did things a bit differently this time.  I put on nice clothes, did my make-up, and fixed my hair!  He usually comes home to me in pjs and my hair in a ponytail!  Not today!  And he noticed!! : )  I also had a great dinner of homemade taco bar prepared for us to eat as soon as he got there!  Want to know how I did that?!?!  I took 3 kids to the store ALL by MYSELF for the first time ever and we all survived!!! : )  I might have broken a sweat but, as we sat down to dinner in the comfort of our home to welcome home Daddy that has been gone for 9 days, it was all worth it!!!
Want to know what makes this homecoming extra special???  We know we have him all to ourselves for 2 weeks!!!  We hit the road soon for our big Spring Break trip and we are excited!!!  Welcome Home, Daddy!!!

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