Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday with my Kids

Call me crazy, actually, I'm sure many of you already do!! : )  Who, in their right mind would want to take on road trippin' in a little RV for days at a time with 3 little ones?!?!    But, today, that is not what I'm talking about.  Today, I set out to prove something to myself... and maybe to others as well but, I'm not sure I fully processed that side of what I was setting out to do.  I knew I needed to prove to myself that I CAN do things with 3 kids that I'm often scared to even attempt.  I call before back-up before I even head out.  Not today!
First of all, I'm exhausted.  There is no denying that.  Being exhausted also makes me short fused.  That is one reason I try to steer clear of anything that might be overwhelming, I don't want to go into any situation with myself or my kids at a disadvantage.  I try to make each day flow as smoothly as possible with minimal crying (by them or me!).  What I've come to realize with calling for back-up is that I don't get to parent alone.  I then open myself to "help" from others that doesn't always come in the form that I want it.  Today, I wasn't "in the mood" for any other's opinion by my own.  SO, I took ALL 3 kids to church by myself!!!  I dreaded it... put it off.... and then just jumped up and said, "Let's go!"  We did it!  I did it!!!  We made it on time!!!  First huge accomplishment!  And, we made it through church with no issues!!!!  Second HUGE accomplishment!  Of course it helped that we had a birthday party to go to right after church so I held that over their head would kindly remind them every now and then when they got squirmy and it worked!
You wanna know what???  They actually did better today for me than they usually do when my mom and Brad are there!!  It was amazing!  I was shocked!  There were not other personalities playing into the disciplining or entertaining of kids, it was just me so there was no playing the field.  It was what it was and they knew that!  I left feeling like I had accomplished the world!!!  I got in the car and thanked them right away for their good behavior and then we headed to Canaan's birthday party!
Canaan had a Olympic birthday party where the kids got to participate in different track and field events such as javelin (above), relay races, long jump, and hitting the ball.  It was a beautiful day and the kids had a blast!
My heart was jumping with joy as I went through the morning with my kids on their best behavior doing as they should in church and then listening to Canaan's mom for directions and having fun with their friends!  I was a very proud mommy today.  Proud of my kids.  Proud of myself!
After all of the events were done we came in for the awards ceremony!!!  Here is the birthday boy giving a wave to his fans!
Addyson was very proud of her medal!!!  Look at that sweet, smiling face!!!
As the little guys were getting their medals I was wondering where mine was!!!  Didn't I just win some kind of award for this (Brewster Home) record setting morning?!?!  I guess my award comes in the form of giggles, smiles, hugs, kisses, and "I Love You"s because I know I get those more on these record setting mornings!!!
And even on those mornings when I want to get my medal and run, I try to remind myself to sit and soak it up..... rewards begets rewards!!!  On those mornings when life is crazy and the last thing I feel like is hugging my kids.... I know that is when I need to stop and hug them; reset our buttons, remind us that we are in this together, and set out to have a great day!  This always helps us have record setting days!
And if I forget, Owen reminds me.... much like he reminded Canaan's mom to sing "Happy Birthday" to Canaan as she told everyone it was time for cupcakes without singing.... so busy wrapped up in hosting.... much like I get so busy wrapped up in being a mommy and managing a home.... as I run around like a chicken with my head cut off, Owen will say, "I love you, Mommy" at just the right time... reminding me that we are ALL in this together.... and it is time to hug it out, reset our buttons, and finish out our great day.... even if we are on day 1 or day 8 of one parent with 3 kids.... we've got this!!!!  I've got this!!!!  I proved it today!!!

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