Monday, March 19, 2012


This afternoon we ventured to the pool for our first swimming trip of the season!!  Addyson got the bucket full of sand toys and jumped right in... well she didn't really jump but, she didn't waste any time!  The water was a bit cool but that didn't stop her!
Owen needed a bit more time to warm up.... both physically and mentally!!!  I knew it would take him a minute or two before he remembered that he was safe with his water wings on and he could "swim".  Last year it took him 2 or 3 times before he was comfortable in the water.
While the kids were playing, Ethan was chilling!!!  He's one cool baby!! : )
I had E in the shade but he wasn't a fan of being away from the rest of us.  I brought his swimsuit with but the water felt too cold to take him all the way in.  Instead, I sat on the edge of the pool with him and let him stand in it.  He smiled from ear to ear.... he loved it!!!  Just as Brad went to take a picture E's hat went flying to the other side of the pool!!!  Oops!!!
As soon as Brad got all the way in Addyson was on her way out to meet him!  She has NO fear!  We have to be really careful because she will take her wings off to dry off and get warm and then will head back in to swim without them and she thinks she can swim!  I can't wait to sign both kids up for swimming lessons!!  They need it!  Last year we missed out because we thought we were moving : (.  This year I know we are staying put so I'll sign them up as soon as I get a chance for a class... or two!!!
Once Owen remembered that he was safe he swam out to Brad without any help!!!  Once he got there and realized he could do it he was SO proud of himself!  I was proud of him for trying it!!!
Finally got Ethan's wet hat back!!!  This sun is blaring and the problem is, you don't even know it!  The wind keeps things so cool that you forget about the hot sun shinning down!  We all have sun kissed cheeks tonight!
The kids had a loop they were doing.  They would walk in the pool, the place we are staying has two pools and one of them is kid friendly with a gradual walk in, and then swim out to Brad, swim to the ladder in the deep end, get out, walk around, and start all over!  They must have done this 10 times!  Bet they sleep good tonight!
One of the cool things about this area is it is a birding area!! We have a birding area right behind our RV and there is a birding area right beside the pool!  See all the birds flying in the air???  It is great!  The kids got a kick out of it... I was just hoping not to get pooped on!! ; )
While Brad grilled dinner the kids gathered the shells in the grassy area behind us.  Owen said they were broken shells.  "How did they get broken?" I asked.  He said, "Someone just wanted them broken so they broke them."  Awww.... makes complete sense! : )
Here's dinner.  Is this meal number 4 or 5 for the day???  The nice thing about RVing is it seems we are eating nicer than we would if we were tent camping.  I think having a fridge helps with that!  Also knowing we have a sink to help wash up afterward helps too!  I had Brad cook up 8 chicken thighs thinking that would be enough for dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow.  Nope!!  We ate every single one of those!  Guess that's what swimming and lots of fresh air will do to you..... make you work up an appetite!!!
To finish off the evening and get rid of any energy that might be left over, we headed out for a walk.  We snooped around and realized what a tight knit community it is here.  Neighbors know each other.  Couples are gather around playing cards or drinking beer.  Seems like everyone knows everyone.... at least everyone is friendly with everyone!  Being the social people that we are, it is hard to look at that and not be invited in... maybe one day, if we keep going back to the same campground, we too will have that community away from home!  While we might not be invited in, people do wave, say Hi, or even stop to chit chat with us!  Turns out that a swimming pool is a great place to meet other families!!!!  I think we'll be spending a lot of time pool side during future outings, great for the kids AND parents to socialize!

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