Thursday, April 26, 2012

1st Pony Tail

Addyson wetted her hair down before she went to bed..... that's her new favorite thing to do.... go to the bathroom and make her hair soaking wet.  When she woke up she had CRAZY hair!  She sat by me on the couch and I got the idea to see if I could style the craziness out of it....
 And she let me!!!  Isn't she SO cute!!!!
 She then had to go check it out in her room and Owen was right behind her checking it out!  This is big news in our house today!!  My little girl finally has hair long enough to do something with AND she is letting me do it!!!
 She wanted to take it out but I told her that if she kept it in she could go to the store with her daddy so she left it in for a couple of hours!!!  Much like when she wears a headband, she knows to keep it in while we are out and about but as soon as she gets in the car or gets home she takes it out!  That's okay!  I'll take a couple of hours here and there and enjoy those cute moments!!!

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