Saturday, April 7, 2012

Addyson's Party

Since we have a lot of family in town for the weekend, we decided to have Addyson's party on Saturday so our family could celebrate with her!  It is not often that grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins get to celebrate with us so we wanted to take advantage of the time together!  I'm SO glad we did!!!  The kids woke up"just in time" from nap for us to run out the door!  Before heading out, Addyson quickly opened a gift from us that had her birthday shirt and new gymnastics outfit in it!!!  Isn't she cute?!?!?  I ordered them from a local momma that makes personalized items, Make It Initial!!  She is SO easy to work with!  I told her the theme for Addyson's party and she came up with this shirt!  It is Perfect for our little princess!!!
Addyson was SO excited to be having a gymnastics party at Hopes and Dreams in Springdale, AR where she goes to gymnastics class every week (has been going there since she was 16 months old!)!  She has been talking about her party for months!!!  Finally, the day is here and she couldn't be more excited!
Before play time, the kids did stretches with Ms. Moriah and Addyson got to show off how she can do a "big girl" bridge now!!!  Watch out Olympics, here we come!
Then it was time for the fun to begin!!!  First stop, foam pit!!!  I think most kids spent the majority of time in the pit with minor breaks playing on other things!  I love having a birthday party here because the kids get free roam of the whole place!!!
And, it is great fun for kids of ALL ages!!!  Ethan and Bayleigh had fun playing in the toddler room!  Ethan got to show off his "moves" for Bayleigh who looked on and wanted to know when Ethan was going to be big enough to play with her!
The toddler room is where Addyson and Owen have their class and it was great fo the kids to be able to do a lot of things on their own!!!
Did I mention that the kids spent a lot of time in the foam pit?!?!  Owen was brave and jumped off the high vault!  Before we knew it, there was a long line of kids that wanted in on the fun!
And baby Ethan had fun watching it all!!!
Addyson got to show off her skills on the big beam with a little help from mom!!!
Isabella was too distracted by Ethan to go play!!!  Well, not too distracted... this was just a  break in play time!!  She is a HUGE Ethan fan and when she saw her momma was taking a turn holding Ethan she wanted in on the fun!
Then Ethan got to play on the barrel!!!  Addyson was ready to send him over to do a flip... thank goodness Miss Veronica was there to help!!!
The kids did a great job taking turns on the trampoline!!!  I was so impressed how everyone got along, everyone took turns, and everyone had a great time!!!  I didn't hear any crying... only pure laughter!!!  It was great!
Addyson is showing her upper body strength by climbing up the rope!
Another thing that was nice about having her party here is that the adults got in on the fun!!!  Kellen was showing up his great dismount!
Ryan was showing off his swing to handstand!
And then it was Troy's turn!!!
And then Owen's!
No get together with all my brothers would be complete without a wrestling match that everyone gets in on... even Owen.
After 75 minutes of play, every was hungry and thirst so we went upstairs for a snack and cupcakes!  Addyson's party had a princess theme (since she is the little princess of our house).  I didn't go all out on decorations since we spent most of our time in the gym.  Tablecloth, plates, cakes, and mini princesses to giveaway and Viola, you have a princess party! : )
Addyson is one loved little girl!  I love seeing SO many friends and family members gathered around to celebrate with her!!!
Our one family picture minus Ethan who at this point has had ENOUGH and is tired so he is downstairs with Nina trying to go to sleep.  I love that little grin!!!
I loved watching her face as everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to her.  She would smile, grin, smirk, and giggle.  That made the whole event worth it!!!!
She did a great job blowing out her candles!!!  I wonder what she wished for..... hopefully not a baby sister!!! ; )
After she finished her cupcake, she moved on to getting the icing off the tray beside her!!  That's my girl!
Yummy!!!  Pure sugar overload!!!  Good thing she ate a few carrots, tomatoes, and grapes before we had cupcakes!!
I had gotten her a cupcake cake from Sam's in the shape of princess crown.  That cake has 30 cupcakes in it.... we had 26 kids coming.  What would you do?  Just get that and be done with it???  I told Brad we had to order cupcakes for the adults... he thought I was crazy.... what party would be complete without cake for everyone???  Afterall, that was a small way to thank the parents for bringing their kids out in the rain to celebrate with Addyson.  SO, I ordered princess cupcakes for the adults.
And once Owen saw there were two kinds of cupcakes, he had to have one of each!  Sure, its a party!  Why not?!?!
He too, loves the icing!
Can you tell?!?!    Now, I want to know if his hands are this color from the icing OR the egg dye....
Whatever it is, both were fun so it was worth it... hopefully a good bath tonight will prevent him from going to church looking like he had cupcakes for breakfast!
What a great party!!!  Thanks to ALL of our family and friends that came out to celebrate with her!!!  She had a smile on her face ALL night and went to be a VERY happy little girl!!!!  What a great afternoon!

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