Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A's Birthday Night

Tonight we celebrate Addyson's birthday with her as a family.  Brad asked, "How many "parties" do our kids have to have???"  ..... like we are overdoing it... he says this EVERY year!  I looked at him and said, "Look, making our kids feel special on their birthday is important to me.  It is once a year.  They get to celebrate with their friends (her gymnastics party), they get to celebrate at school (cupcakes this morning), AND they get to celebrate with us the day of their actual birthday!  I don't feel like that is too much!"  Is it?!?!  If we had her party on her actual birthday I'm sure things would be a bit different but I think only once have we celebrated either kids party on their actual birthday.  What's my other option?  No party?  Don't celebrate with them on their actual birthday?  I'm not willing to give up either.... so, we'll continue to celebrate multiple times!  Heck, I'm the queen of celebrating my birthday all week long.... all month if I can get away with it! Why should my kids be any different?!?!
After nap we let Addyson open up her gifts from us (modest, nothing fancy or over the top.... to tell the truth, 2 of the gifts were nice items I bought at a consignment sale.....see, I try to do good so there are no issues with me going overboard which should make it more acceptable to celebrate multiple times!!!) and then we headed to Shake's!  My mom likes to celebrate birthdays there!
The kids were SO excited to see cousin Troy there to have ice cream with us!  It was a beautiful day with great company!  Oh, and we are eating ice cream before dinner.... even better way to celebrate a birthday!  The kids quickly ate their ice cream and then played!  They played so cute together!  They even took some leftover ice cream and went over to feed the ants.... how thoughtful of them! : )
I love the way she holds her spoon.... it is so big and adult-like but SO cute!!!  I'm loving her outfit, her bow, and her total cuteness today!!!  She is eating up her special day.... literally!  : )
Next we gave her options.  We could go out to eat, go to the park, or go to an outdoor concert/fundraiser for a local school's music program where our friends 3 Penny Acre were playing.  She opted to go listen to music.  She had several friends there and the best part about it was.... she thought the whole thing was for her!!!  It was her "party"!!!!  That made it all worth it!  Some of her friends even sang "Happy Birthday" to her to make it more realistic that we were all there for her!!!
We ate dinner outside on the blanket, listened to music, enjoyed the fresh air and time together as a family and then we took home 3 tired kids.... and put to be one very Happy Birthday Girl!!!!  What an awesome day for our little princess!!!!

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