Sunday, April 8, 2012

Baskets Before Church

We had a jam packed Easter Morning!!!
It started with a quick breakfast followed by a quick hunt to find the kids' Easter baskets left by the Easter Bunny!!!  The Easter Bunny was quick this year and left all of the baskets in one place!  The kids were excited to come around the corner and see what was left for them!
They had fun going through their baskets.  However, it was a bit confusing that the bunny left different things for Simon and Lucy than s/he did for Owen and Addyson..... how do we explain that one?!?!
Luckily, there was enough excitement that not too many questions were asked.  And Addyson was quickly distracted by Ethan's untouched basket that she quickly went over and went through for him!!! ; )
The Easter Bunny brought all of my kids swimsuit cover ups that are personalized!  Owen and Ethan got matching shark ones and Addyson got a princess one!  These will be great for our hot tub, trips to the pool and beach, and RV trips!
After all of that craziness, we managed to get 8 adults and 5 kids showered, dressed out and the door by 8:30 for church!
And everyone was smiling!  I think that is a record!!!
And We're Off!!!
Happy Easter!

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