Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Birthday at School

Today is Addyson's birthday and she has a very FULL day!!!  My plan was to take her shopping yesterday to pick out cupcakes to take to her school this morning however, my day was SO busy that I never got around to it.  Luckily we had talked about it so I knew she wanted pink and purple ones!  I found mini ones at the store that had pink and white icing with purple (and other colored) sprinkles..... Perfect!  She saw then when she woke up and she carried them around ALL morning!  That got tossed around a bit so they weren't in perfect condition but I'm sure they tasted just fine!
Today was also "Doughnuts with Dad" at the kids' school so Brad went with them for breakfast!  What a great way for the birthday girl to start her day!!!
I sent my camera to school with Brad with strict instructions to make sure to take pictures!  I was impressed that he even took a picture of the kids walking into school.... just like I would have done!!!  I've got him trained well.... in some aspects of our lives! ;  )  I had originally planned to go up to Addyson's school for snack take and to take pictures of the kids myself but then thought against it.  When I show up in her class after she is settled she cries when I leave and I didn't want that to happen so I asked Brad to leave my camera with her teacher and see if she would take pictures.  This is how he ask....
Brad: "So you know my wife like pictures....."
Ms. Amanda; "Yes, I know.  She brings her camera to school to take pictures even when we don't have anything big going on..."
Brad: "Yes..... so she is wanting pictures of the kids celebrating with Addyson so would you mind taking some pictures?"
I was very thankful Ms. Amanda agreed to take pictures and took several of the kids eating and enjoying their cupcakes that they took outside to eat!!!
Turns out that Addyson doesn't just avoid me.... Ms. Amanda (the aid, the head teacher Ms. Merily was not there today) said they had to trick Addyson to look up at the camera for this picture!! : )  That's my girl!
Owen REALLY wanted a cupcake this morning so we talked about how if there were any leftovers he could have one after school!  Ms. Amanda said that Addyson carefully kept her eye on the leftovers and asked to bring them home!  She watches out for her brother.... or maybe today she was just looking out for herself to make sure she got ALL of the leftovers!! : )  She was very proud to carry them home!  Sounds like she had a great birthday morning!

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