Sunday, April 22, 2012

Born to Play

Owen has been asking lately about playing soccer.  Kids in his class are talking about playing so he wanted to know when he was going to get to play.  He didn't play last year even though many of his friend did because I was overwhelmed at the idea of trying to get him to practice/games by myself with a toddler and being pregnant.  Now that Brad will be home more I was open to the idea!
My friend sent me information about a soccer program that goes to some local school and has a soccer club outside of the schools!  I had missed the registration for the city's soccer league and this league started later plus the games were on Sunday (Brad is home most Sundays) so it was perfect!  I signed Owen up and he started counting down the days until his first game!
Finally, the day arrived and we got to see that Owen was born to play soccer!  He is a natural!
When the kids first arrive they each practice with their own ball.  They try to make goals and the coach interacts with them.
Then, they sit in a group and learn who the other team is, its name coach, and players.  Owen is a member of the Lime Lion team and on his team is AJ and Jaden and Coach Tommy.  They also take the time to talk about their love of soccer.  I love how they interact with the kids and get personal with them so they know everyone on the field.
Owen had fun listening but he was ready to get started!!!  Enough talking, more soccer!!!
Next, they practice moves.  The soccer ball is named "Bob the bobcat" and they go on safari looking for other animals that they take pictures of.... this helps them remember to not sure their hands.  They also have to "stop bob" using their foot to take pictures. 
They also worked on dribbling by running away from the big green dinosaur (one of the coaches) that likes to eat bobcats!  Each week they will introduce new moves and work on perfecting old ones.
Addyson was a great cheerleader!!  She had pom poms and at one point was yelling "Go Owen!  Go Owen!" and then I think the wind sidelined her efforts!!!  She did very good watching..... I know she would have rather played however, I don't think she has the long term attention span to play an organized sport just yet.
It was funny, after all of the practicing the kids put their "bob" to sleep and bring it to their parents to rest while they play a game.  When Owen came over he said, "When is my game going to start?"  He was ready to get down to business!!! : )
 And he meant business!!!  Took the ball right down the field....
 and scored!!!!
 This boy is a natural!!!  He was born to play soccer!!!! (and other sports I'm sure)
It is the soccer gene that runs in my family!  I played so did my brothers, cousins, my cousins' kids, and uncles and most of them played on competitive teams!!!  I tell people that if I didn't enroll Owen in soccer my family would probably disown me!!! ; )
 He was so excited to give me a high 5 on his way back to his goal where they lined up to get ready to go out again!
 And again, he scored!!!  He was the star on the field today!!!  I was so impressed!!!
 After the game, the kids play against the coaches.... Owen can hold his own!!!  He goes after the ball!  He is good at turning the ball, aiming, and keeping the ball in front of him!  He was in heaven!  He was happy and I was happy for him!!!  He was born to play!
 At the very end they all huddled together and yell out "We Love Soccer!!!"
 Then, Owen ran over to us to tell us he scored 4 goals during the game!!!  Let me note, he scored 4 out of the 5 total goals scored!!!!  Yay Owen!!!
We then went out to eat to celebrate!!!  I'm now "that" soccer mom... yes, I did yell at him... but nice yelling... "Go Owen", "Stick with the ball", "Turn it around!"... all good things and I had SO much fun!!!  I think we all did!  I can't wait until next Sunday!!!  He was born to play and I think I was born to be a soccer mom!!!  GO Lions!

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