Saturday, April 7, 2012


People often tell me during a variety of circumstances, "You do it to yourself".  Do "what" to myself?  Well, let me tell you....
I stress myself out, add pressure, add unnecessary worries, try to hard to make things perfect.... I'm sue the list goes on and on!  Any one else do any of that?  Is this a "typical" mom feature OR "do I do it to myself"?  Here's a perfect example.....
It is Easter weekend... we have tons of family in town..... we have Addyson's birthday party Saturday afternoon..... we have Ethan's baptism Sunday morning.... and I want it ALL to be perfect!  Not only do those specific events need to be "picture perfect" but, so does everything else that is involved with.... 1) having family in town and 2) celebrating a holiday weekend.  I had our schedule jammed packed... for the kids.  I wanted them to have ALL of the special memories, I needed pictures to capture it all.  I didn't want them to do without.    Heck, I've already missed the "bunny pictures" before Easter, I can't miss anything else!  I'm so worried that when they are older they are going to ask, "Mom, why didn't you do _____ with us?"  So, I put us all on a schedule packed full of memory makers trying not to miss too many of the "important" memories.
First on our list, a must-do with family, Briar Rose!  I wanted to leave the house by 8:30 (after a late night in the backyard).. we left at 8:45, not bad!  But, what did that take???  You don't want to know!  No yelling but, a bit of bossiness on my side.  We have a BUSY day and we can't get behind.  Timing is EVERYTHING with kids!  We need to eat, play, dye Easter Eggs, nap long enough to have happy kids that wake up by 4, run out the door to Addyson's party, eat dinner, clean up for Ethan's party tomorrow, and go to bed!  We are busy!  I am stressed.... I do this to myself!  Is it just me?  Please, someone else say you do this too!  I don't want to be the only crazy one!

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