Saturday, April 7, 2012

Dying Eggs

Before nap, we let the kids dye Easter Eggs in the backyard.  Ethan was napping, his long morning nap, and I contemplated waking him up... again, trying to capture all of those "must have" memories with him (and the rest of the kids) but, I just couldn't bring myself to do it!  I went in and said his name a couple of times but he didn't even stir!  He was exhausted and sleeping SO peacefully so I just let sleeping baby sleep.  I did save an egg for him but never got around to it... he ended up sleeping 3 hours and by the time he woke up everything was cleaned up and put away.  Oh well... in the end I know I made the right choice!  Besides that, tomorrow is his baptism and I don't need him to be a mulitcolored baby for his big day!! ; )
To preserve the "niceness" of the kids' clothes, we had them all take their shirts off before we got started!
Then, they quickly went to work coloring all 36 eggs we got for them!
With our egg dying set we got a wax crayon the kids could use to write on the egg and then they could see what they made after they dyed it!  The big kids had fun with that!
The little kids had fun getting messy!!!  Look at little Simon.... made shades of blue and pink!
It was a beautiful morning and a great activity to do before nap time!  Now, we are ready for the Easter Bunny!

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