Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

After Ethan's baptism, we had everyone over to our house for a yummy brunch and Easter Egg hunt!  Last night, Holly helped us figure out how to set the timer on our 2 ovens so we were able to walk in and have all of the food ready for our very hungry guest.... we knew they were starving since most people left the house at 8:30 and it was now close to noon!
Our family and friends are great, most people walked in the door and asked how they could help.  With starving kids, that was so helpful to get all the food out as quick as possible!  Thanks to Ryan for cutting up the ham!!!
The weather was great, perfect!  So we were able to eat outside!  The kids loved it... as long as the sun wasn't shining in their eyes when their mom was trying to get them to smile at the camera!!! : )
Once everyone's bellies were full, we had a handful of adults help spread out the eggs and other goodies my mom had prepared for the hunt while the other adults helped entertain the kids inside.  Then, all the parents lined up and got ready for the door to open.....
Then, the kids were released....
and the hunt began!!!
There were goodies around every corner!
And hidden on and around many objects in our backyard!!!
Most, within arm's reach.....
Some you had to stand on your tippie toes to get!
But, no matter how you got them, you were able to quickly fill up your basket with them!!!
And the best part of all, the smiles on the faces of our kids, our family, and their friends!
The joy of seeing how happy they were to find little surprises all over the backyard!
And then to watch them as they checked out each other's baskets.... and if someone was missing something... they shared!  Addyson offered Walked her bubbles because she saw that his basket didn't have any.  Such a sweet girl!  No, this isn't Walker... here she was checking to see if Owen had a Rice Krispy Treat and he did... and had he not, I'm sure she would have shared one of hers with him!
It was pure chaos but such fun chaos!!!
The shrieks, shrills, and screams of "Look what I found!!!" filled the backyard and it never got old!
And there were grandparents close by to help open items....
or help dig through the baskets looking for goodies!
What a fun hunt!!!
Here are our Happy Hunters!!!
And then the eating began!!!!
Then, it was time for the adults to have some fun!  For the past 31 years, our family tradition is to have a huge Easter Egg hunt, kids and adults!  Last year was the first year my brothers and I didn't hunt eggs.  Because of the rain, my mom turned the egg hunt into a game of musical chairs.  It was so much fun that she surprised me and put a game together for the adults!
It was SO much fun!!!  This is most of the group (5 sat out... afraid it would get too rough)!  And our first round!
Once the music stopped we were all scrambling for a chair!!!
And if you were left standing, you had to quickly see if there happened to be an empty chair on the other side of the circle!!!!  Whew.... Brad got lucky that time!!!
Our circle kept getting smaller, and more "dangerous"!!! ; )  They kids were really cute, they were sitting in the middle of the circle and eating their candy.  Once chairs started falling backwards and legs of chairs were getting bent, we had to get the kids out of the middle to a safer spot!!!  Who knew a friendly game of musical chairs on Easter could turn so rough?!?
Billie and I got out about mid game.... we were sad.... ok, she was fine... I was sad... too competitive to be out so soon but, I made the best of it and got myself a beer and my camera and took pictures! : )  Oh, and when you are out, you don't go out empty handed.... you get to get a goodie bag full of treats!
It got down to the final 4, Uncle Ryan, Opa, David, and Aunt Holly!!!  And it got "nasty"!! : )
They didn't mind fighting "to the death" over a chair!!!  This was a competitive bunch!!!
All kinds of crazy measures were taken to get the last chair!!
And then it came down to the judge's decision many times.....
And this time, David won out..... poor Ryan!!!!  Hard to let outsiders win at "our" family game!!! ; )
Then it was the final two, Aunt Holly and David.  To ensure there would be no funny business, we had them walk with their hands in the air!
But, there was still a battle over that FINAL chair!
And David didn't mind pushing a girl out of the chair... he was out to win it!!!  I'm proud to report that Holly didn't give up and she won the final prize!!!!
Once it was all over, it was time to go through our goodie bags!!!  They all had some form of snack, chocolate, and candy.  Then, some had money and others had gift cards to some of our favorite places!!!  Everyone went home a winner, full, happy, and tired!!!  What a beautiful morning!!!!
Happy Bunny Day!

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