Monday, April 9, 2012

Ethan is 6 Months

Can you believe this "not so little" guy is now 6 months old?!?! I can't believe we are now closer to his first birthday than we are to the day of his birth.  I can close my eyes and remember his birth like it just happened.  I remember taking my sweet newborn baby and snuggling him.  Now, I have a big guy on the go that is at times too active to hold!  My, how time flies!
While some things have change, other things have not.  He is still a super happy baby boy that loves attention of his siblings, his parents, friends, and strangers!  He gives out smiles for free and he has many to share.  People often comment on his smile and how happy he is!  He is a pretty good sleeper.  He likes to be in bed by 6:15, he'll sleep until 10 or so when we come to bed and he wants to nurse, then he nurses about 3 times a night, wakes up at 6, is ready for a nap by 8 and sleeps 1-3 hours (depending on what is going on), naps again at 1 for 2-3 hours, and he is ready for a nap at 5 but I try to keep him up until bedtime.  One issue we have is that he needs a diaper change halfway through the night (the other 2 never needed this) and when you change his diaper it wakes him up and he is up 30-45 minutes before falling back asleep : (.  This must be because he nurses a lot at night.  He prefers to nurse laying down so that often means he nurses right before falling asleep at naptime or night time.  I need to figure out how to nurse him more throughout the day and maybe that will help with nighttime nursing.  He can put himself to sleep which is great!  I nurse him and then leave... I've noticed that if I stay I am more of a distraction.  I surround him with pillows and then he tosses, turns, and talks until he falls asleep.  I've never seen a baby as wiggly as he is as he tries to fall asleep!
As of today, he isn't crawling but, I don't think it will be long!!!  He loves to get up on his knees and rock back and forth!  He smiles the whole time, so determined!!!  He also pushes up onto his tippie toes and makes a "V" with his body with his hiney in the air.  He moves his feet and knees.... if only he could get his hands to cooperate!  He can pick his hand up and put it down without falling over so he is close.  He can move backwards and roll all over the place to get to things.  I'm not one that rushes movement however, I wish for his sake he could crawl.  As he rocks and rocks and tries to figure out how to move forward, I can see the frustration in his eyes.  One day... soon I'm sure.  Addyson crawled at 6.5 months so we'll see!
He is good at sitting up if you have him something behind him... not fully sitting on his own yet.  He likes to be sitting up so he can see everyone better!  He loves to be able to watch the big kids play and watch the puppies run around!  He is very vocal!!!  He always has been!  He is now starting to day "dadadad" as well as "bababab" and all sorts of other baby coos.  He is still a squealer and lets out loud squeals to get attention, when he is happy, and when he is mad.
If I were to quiz him (like I do the older two) here are what I think some of his answers would be...
What is your favorite drink? Breast milk but, I'm starting to get some water out of my sippy cup that I "play" with.
What is your favorite toy?  My exersaucer and my soft books.... I really like the tags on things!
What is your favorite seat?  I like to sit in the highchair now!  I can play and see everyone!
Who is your favorite person?  Owen and Addyson
What is your favorite show?  Watching Owen and Addyson but, the tv is starting to catch my eye!
What is your favorite thing?  I like to play with spoons, lids, and really anything else I can get in my mouth!
What is your favorite thing to do?  Put things in my mouth and play in my exersaucer
What is your favorite song?  Baa Baa Black Sheep
Ethan's hair is filling in on his bald spot!  My kids are baldies for a long time... ALL of Owen's hair fell out before filling back in and then it grew in slow but steady with him needing his first haircut at 2... Addyson's hair did not all fall out, she filled in her bald spot but her hair has been slower to grow, not needing her first haircut until 2.5.... I can't wait to see what Ethan's hair does!
Things that make his smile; others smiling at him, fake sneezes, Addyson dancing, Owen talking to him, "airplane", when I carry him and I do a bounce step, when he is able to stand up, when you sing to him, and lots of other silly songs and sounds we make.  If he is fussy, we give him something "new" to hold on to!  He loves to explore and "try" everything so giving him a toy to explore will usually make him happy!  He also grabbing my face and pulling me in close to him so he can slobber on me.  He is good at grabbing with both hands and transferring items between his hands.
He is easily distracted by the big kids... they were outside playing as I was trying to take his picture.  Trying to get him to look at me was almost impossible.... he chooses to watch them over me when given the option!  I'm sure he just can't wait to be able to keep up with those two!  He has started to grab for the dog when he is close and Shilo is SO good with him.  Ethan grabs a fistful of fur and Shilo looks to me for help!
Ethan has found his feet!!!  When I change his diaper, he loves to have a naked hieny and then he grabs his feet and puts them in his mouth!!!  This is one of his favorite things!!!  If he is fussy, just take his diaper off and he instantly smiles and goes for his feet!  When he is sitting up he likes to grab his feet!  He also likes to flap his arms and pat his legs!
One of his favorite toys is the exersaucer!  I think he really likes it because he can stand up in it, his favorite position, and he can see everyone while playing.  He loves to put all of the movable toys in his mouth and he has figured out how to hit the buttons that make noise.  He is even trying to figure out how to turn the pages on the "book" but, that is hard even for me to do as they do not turn easily... I was just impressed that he knew to move those pages to see what was on the other side!  My smart little man!
Our happy guy is very healthy!!!
Weight- 20 pounds (81th%)
Height- 28.4 inches (93rd %)
Happy 6 months Little Guy!
We love you so much and you bring a smile to our face every day!  I can't wait to watch you grow and see how you start interacting with your siblings once you are on the go!

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chelseybr said... make grandma Brewster smile! You feel like a little kiwi to me!!! We love you so much and can't wait to see you grow up to be a big Brewster man like your daddy! Lots of love.