Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ethan's Baptism

Today was Ethan's big morning in church!!  He got baptized after our 9am Easter Mass!
With the other two kids, we were able to sneak off into a quiet room while my mom got each one of them dressed in the baptism outfit she has made for the grandkids. Not today!  It was crazy as we rushed to get him dressed before mass started!  With just minutes to spare, Nammie dressed E in the hallway outside of church! He didn't care!  He was all smiles for his big day!
He was really tired, he usually naps for 2 hours around 8 every day.  I was thankful he took a quick nap during church so he wasn't super tired for his baptism!
Once the church cleared out, it was time for the "big" event!  Ethan and another baby, Francis Kate (she looked about 6 months old) were baptized together.
Deacon Al was the officiator and Nina and Uncle Aric are his Godparents
During the ceremony, every grandparent makes the sign of the cross on Ethan's forehead.  Here you see Ethan's great grandma Blessing making the sign of the cross, I love the smile on her face!!!  I was SO glad that my Aunt Margret was able to drive Grandma in for the special day.... afterall, it is because of her dedication to the Catholic faith that I was brought up Catholic and my kids are being brought up in the Catholic faith!
Ethan was also blessed in the same essential oils as Jesus was and they smelled great and smelling him all day was a reminder to us of the importance of this day!
This is my FAVORITE picture!
Ethan did great having the Holy Water poured over his head!  At least the first 2 times, time 3 he started to get a little frustrated but by then it was over and so all was good!  Then, Deacon Al shared with us that he has a special gift of seeing the Holy Spirit "enter" into the baby as he sees a cloud hover around the baby as he is blessing with Holy Water and then the "cloud" disappears around the baby's chest and he says  "Holy Spirit".  What a special gift he has!
After being blessed with Holy Water, we are given a towel to dry him off... there wasn't much drying needed since baby E doesn't have much hair to soak up the water! ; )
About 15 minutes into it, E started to get a bit fussy/ frigidity... he was ready to eat and take a proper nap.
Then, Uncle Aric got Ethan's baptismal candle to represent the light of Jesus in him.  Ethan was in awe of the candle.... and he wanted it!!!
And he was a VERY sad little boy when Uncle Aric wouldn't give it to him!!!
The baptism from the eyes' of kids
Here is our happy little boy thanks to Opa making faces at him to get him to smile and hang in there for the last couple of minutes!!!
Welcome into the church Baby Ethan!  Thank you Deacon Al for a beautiful ceremony!
Uncle Aric (Godfather, Daddy, Deacon Al, Ethan, Mommy, Nina (Godmother)
Grandparents- Grandpa Brewster, Grandma Brewster, Opa, Nina, Nammie
Group Shot.... we had other friends there but they must have left before pictures.... I should have asked them to stay... SO much to organize : )  I was so thankful to be surround by so many people that love Ethan!  He is one very lucky and loved little boy!
Family Shot
What a beautiful morning!  Welcome to the church baby boy!

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