Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ethan's Basket

Just like dying Easter Eggs, Ethan slept through all of the fun.  We got home from church and he went right down for a nap and then slept the WHOLE time we had company.  He missed his whole party!  Silly guy!  I guess his big morning wore him out!
He didn't seem to mind.  It was probably a little better that he got to explore his Easter basket in peace and quiet without a whole lot of help!
Do I eat the basket???
I know, I'm so cute!!!
And silly!
What, I'm not suppose to be hamming it up?!?!  That's what I do best!
Oh, I see... there are eggs in the basket!  What's inside?
A baby puff.....
It's not chocolate but, I think I like it!
Now that my basket is empty, can I put it on my head???
Thank you Nammie for putting together a great Easter Egg Hunt for my friends and I!  Thanks for the puffs but, I think I prefer the basket! ; )

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