Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Net Fishing

There have been young boys fishing the "stream" by our house lately and it is a huge tease for Owen.  He sees them and wants to be there with them!  He has been asking non-stop to go fishing.  I don't mind walking down to the water however, I don't really want to mess with a hook and the possibility of catching a fish... there is NO way I can take it off the hook if he does catch one!
So today I talked him into "net fishing" to help cure his itch.  He liked the idea so, we headed out!
We got there and right away they put their nets in!!!
We only have 2 nets but Addyson did a great job sharing hers with her friend, Isabella!
Ethan liked watching all of the excitement!
Owen didn't catch anything from the bridge so he walked over to the grassy area and tried over there.  He kept asking me how come he wasn't catching anything and he talked about having to be patient.  I tried to break the news to him that he probably wouldn't catch anything but he was SO determined!
He caught something but it wasn't fish... it was a bunch of moss!!!!  Look at Isabella leaning back as far as possible!!! ; )
He wasn't catching fish but, he was having fun!  These days I'm trying really hard to remind him that it isn't about catching or winning.... it is about having fun and that's what we were doing!
The girls got brave and wanted to inspect his net!
Green and slimy.... didn't stop him from inspecting farther!  No fish but, I think they all had fun net fishing!

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